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Friday, April 27, 2012

NOTD: butter London Disco Biscuit

Here is my Nail of the Day in butter London's Disco Biscuit. With one coat, this is a very sheer pink color. I did 3 coats because I like brighter nail polishes. If you look at the polish straight on, it appears to just be a bright pink, but once you turn your hand or the light hits a nail, you can see beautiful little purple glitter in kind of an unexpected way. I'm loving this bright pink glittery color for Spring. Retails $14.

A tropical hot pink lacquer with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles.

Yours in Beauty, 



  1. Jessica- have you noticed any difference in the quality over all of the Butter London vs other polishes? I know that they are quite a bit more expensive so I'm curious is it's worth the splurge or just fun for those of you who are really into nail polish?

  2. I absolutely love their color selection and that they are 3 free. As for staying power or finish I really don't notice anything different. If you want a cheaper line, for color selection and finish I would check out Revlon, for long lasting chip free I would check out L'oreal and for 3 free I would check out Zoya. I think those are all great alternatives.



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