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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Current Skincare Routine- April 2012

Here's a brief glimpse into what I have been using lately on my skin!  A lot of these are new products that I have been trying so you'll get a mini review of some of these :-)  My current routine is pretty simple and includes some old goodies and some new favorites.  I have been taking a minimalist approach to my makeup routine lately, which has been possible thanks to some of these awesome products.  

Messy picture of my bathroom and some of the products I've been using!

In the morning, I have been using my Clinique Turnaround Serum followed by my Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed Creme.  If you want to read a more comprehensive review of the Ole Henriksen product, I did a blog on it recently and you can read it here.  That's about all I've been doing for my skin in the morning lately, to be honest!  The Turnaround Serum really helps make my skin look and feel velvety and luminous, and the Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed Creme gives my skin some moisture and the sun protection it needs.  I've been feeling really good just using these two products!

At night, I've been washing my face with Laventine Olive Forte Cleansing Oil.  You might be interested in knowing I only wash my face once a day, and that's at night because you never want to sleep with makeup on your face.  The exception to this would be if I have bad allergies and puffy eyes, or wake up with really dry skin.  If I wake up and my skin has changed in the middle of the night, I try to use a lotion based cleanser and give my skin a little TLC.  But...other than that I really try to stick with washing only once a day, because it is enough to keep my skin clean and keep a good moisture balance going.  The cleansing oil is awesome, because you barely need any, but it gets all the makeup off your skin, including stubborn eye makeup!  They have three formulas for different skin types on their website so there's something for everyone.  Cleansing oil is a weird concept to me still- putting oil directly on my face- and I imagine it's not for everyone.  But if you can get over the mental block of applying oil to your face then I say give it a try!

Either while cleansing, or afterwards with water, I like to use either my Olay ProX  or my Konjac Sponge.  I bought my Olay ProX to see if I liked the idea of a cleansing system before splurging on the ever popular Clarisonic.  I can't compare the two because I've only tried the Olay product.  So far, I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan- the little scrubby head thing that comes on it is not very strong, and the bristles are already slightly bent after a couple uses.  I wish it scrubbed a little harder and although there are two settings I find myself wishing they were about twice as harsh.  When I push the device harder on to my face, it is almost too much for it to take, and it will kind of stop for a second.  It does leave my face cleaner, which I can tell because there's no residue when I try to wash better with toner. Before purchasing a Clarisonic, I would definitely check to make sure if there is a difference in bristles between the two systems so I'm not stuck with a $100 more expensive model of what I already have.  As for the Konjac sponge- it's too soon to tell how I feel and I've only tried one of the few sponge types they have.  It does feel very soft on my face, but I'm not sure yet if I think I'm getting a deeper clean.

I haven't been using a toner everyday lately, but I feel ok about it because I've been doing so much for my cleansing ritual to get a deep clean that it doesn't really feel necessary!  When I do feel like a little extra something, I reach for Kelly Teegarden Organics spray on toner.  It's refreshing and spraying it on rather than using a cotton ball distributes just the right amount.  It's a nice little pick me up, plus you can put it in the fridge if you want to apply it cold for an icy treat on a hot summer day.

The last steps before bed are using a moisturizer and finishing off with Indie Lee's Facial Oil.  I didn't snap a picture of any moisturizers because I've been switching it up a lot.  I'm trying to use up some of the 80 million little samples I end up collecting from various makeup counters and sample societies.  The facial oil I'm using is expensive because it's got some rare apple stem cells in it.  At first I about croaked when I saw the price on this oil, but I started looking up the active ingredients, and no lie, products with this apple cell in it retail for $300-400 everywhere I looked online.  So, maybe it's not such a bad deal.  Unlike most oils, this one absorbs into your skin right away and dries.  It doesn't hydrate or leave a film, but it feels great when you layer it with a moisturizer.  Is it doing anything to help my skin?  I'm not sure- Indie says it takes 30 straight days of use to get a result.  I will make sure and keep you posted!

Lately, I've been sticking to 2 masks- Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Mask and MAD Skincare's Environmental Detox Mask.  Most of the time, I also have a brightening or hydrating mask worked in, but this has been all I need lately to keep my skin glowy.  When I feel a little pimply, I use the acne mask, and when I just want to detox my skin a little, I use the detox mask.  They are both wonderful and work in 5-10 minutes, and rinse right off.  

That's about it for my skincare routine these days- what have you been using?

Yours in Beauty, 

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