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Friday, April 13, 2012

Clinique BB Cream Review

I have really been wanting to try out a BB Cream. I like the idea of using fewer products, since as I've said before, I'm not a morning person. Also, Iam searching for a good summertime makeup since my regular Supermoisture foundation is too greasy for me in hot, humid weather. I have been a loyal customer of Clinique for my skincare and foundation products for almost two years, so I thought I'd try Clinique's Age Defense BB Cream with SPF 30. It was gift-with-purchase time, and I can never resist it :)

I spent $37.00 (40ml) on the 01 shade. It was recommended for me since I have very fair skin with pink undertones, and tried out a bit on the back of my hand at the store. I'll admit that I was in a hurray and it was a dumb move to not try it on my face.

When I got it home, I have to say I was disappointed with my first try. The cream was thick and did not blend well. It left my skin looking pasty and chalky. The shade seemed ghostly on me, which was weird for me since I usually use the lightest shade of everything.

So I was really disappointed, but instead of returning the product, I wanted to see if I could salvage it by mixing it with stuff I already use. I found that mixing the BB Cream with a little Dramatically Different Moisturizer really helped it blend and feel lighter.

I took some pictures today, but I don't think they really show how chalky my face looked, even with the HD function on my camera.

Here is my face after washing with 3-Step Skincare. On s scale of 1-10, I'd say I'm having an 8.5 skin day, a little splotchy.

The product: Thick and creamy.

I got the idea from Jessica to try it on half my face to show the difference. I don't think this really shows the chalky-ness well, but maybe you can tell.

Here is the BB Cream after it's been mixed with Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It feels WAY better on my face and I get a nice sheer coverage, enough for a good skin day.

For a "finished" look, I applied a touch of under-eye concealer and and some mineral bronzer.

The finished product has good coverage and lasts all day for me. I'm pleased I was able to make the BB Cream work, but I won't be buying Clinique's again. I think it may work for you if your skin is more oily than mine, or if the shades match your skin better (there's only 3 choices). According to Clinique, I have type 2 (Dry Combination) skin, and even though the BB Cream is labeled for all skin types, I would not recommend it for dry skin. Also, If you like a matte finish, wait a few seconds before adding powder over the BB Cream. The shine in it fades after a little bit, and powder on top makes it really chalky.

One thing that I have noticed in my BB Cream studies is that while the magazines and big blogs are raving about them, the more independent blogs and reviewers are not nearly as enamored with them. This is not just Clinique's BB, but all brands. I try to do research and not believe everything I read, and test products for myself before I pass judgement.

So overall, I have not lost faith in BB Cream altogether. I tried Too Faced's BB Cream at Ulta the other day and I loved it, so I will be saving my pennies for that one next. It has illuminating properties in it, and blended really well, so I'm excited for it.

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