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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bella Mama Bundle

I was recently given the opportunity to try some pregnancy products by Bella Mama.  As with most pregnancy products, I truly felt that they were versatile enough for anybody to use, bump or not.  If you are a lady who is concerned with her skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and pampered, you will like these products.

I tried the Bella Bundle which you can read more about here.  It retails at $25 and includes 4 products that are detailed at their website:
Travel size set contains all four of the Bella Mama products: Belly Oil and Belly Butter soothes skin, reduce itchiness and minimize stretch marks. Belly Butter luxurious cream that nurtures the skin, Belly Oil leaves skin silky, satiny smooth.  Face and Body Spritzer, instant refreshment and hydration, take to the hospital great between contractions. Foot Salts for tired swollen feet.  All 4 of these products are also sold separately in various sizes.
I was grateful to try the foot salts- aside from doing a review on them, it's not something I would have taken the time to do for myself, but it was a wonderful experience.  Instead of filling a tub, I filled a large bowl with warm water and the salts, and my feet felt very soft afterwards.  I had tired, achy feet today after taking my dog for a walk, and they are feeling much better now!  More proof that you don't need to be pregnant to try momma products! 

My favorite thing about the Belly Oil was that it had no control top- I was able to pour it into my hand without shaking it through a little hole in the top of the package like how most come.  This sunk right into my skin and softened it up.  I loved it!  The Belly Butter was the perfect complementary product to wear over top.  This is a white cream, and it soaks right in over the belly butter.  Use both together for the best possible experience!

The face and body spritzer was my favorite product by far.  It did help me with my pregnancy glow by giving me some much needed refreshment and hydration.  My favorite part was the light green tea scent and the fact that it evaporated quickly on my skin, leaving my makeup intact but my skin with the refreshment that it needed.  At $11.50 for 4 oz I will be purchasing the full size of this product when I run out, for sure!

Yours in Beauty,

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