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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beautisol Tanning Lotion

Hello ladies!

Today I am going to talk about a new sunless tanner that I discovered by Beautisol.  It comes in formulations for different skin types, and the one they sent me was the dry skin formulation.  There is a formula for face AND body.  The body formulation comes in medium and dark and both retail for $39. The one they sent me was Summer Glow Dark Self Tanning Lotion.  The facial formulations are available for dry skin and for oily and both retail at $26.  They sent me Need I Glow More in Dry.

The bottles they sent me were pretty tiny, but I am pretty certain you could get one use out of these.  When testing a product to see if I like it or not, I never self tan my whole body.  I always do just my face, chest, and arms first.  No sense having a product you're not sure of on your whole body!  

I really liked how they sent me very descriptive information with the package on exactly how much to put on in certain areas of my body, and how to apply it. They recommended a pea sized amount for my face, and to to apply like war paint, and then rub in.  For each arm you need a quarter sized amount, and for the chest, you need a quarter sized amount.  It ended up being the perfect amount of application for each area.  

They also gave recommendations to exfoliate after 3 days to make sure when it fades, the product fades evenly.  I like that they are giving out this tried and true advice!  I always make sure I have an exfoliator in the house when I am self tanning, just in case of emergency if I apply too much.  They mentioned that the day after, you may have to exfoliate your face, because color tends to absorb a bit darker in the face.  I have noticed this with other self tanners, and I'm used to having to exfoliate my face.  Not sure why it does that- thinner face skin?  On any note, I was glad for the reminder!

The color of this product is super dark, which was scary to me.  It's almost a dark brown/green as you are rubbing it in.  It doesn't sink into your skin right away either until you really rub in circles until it's all absorbed.  The smell was really sharp and strong too.  If you are not into strong smelling tanners, it might irritate your nose.

Before Pictures:

5 minutes after pictures:

I did not notice much if any difference directly after, but that's good!  I like my sunless tanner to take some time to develop. If it says it takes 8 hours to fully develop, and within 5 minutes, my face has already gotten 3 shades darker, I start to freak.  I will post more pictures as the color develops tomorrow.

The finished result: Subtle but very natural.  I really enjoyed using this product- no streaks and over time I haven't noticed any patchy fading.  Win!  



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