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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Battle of the Tube Mascaras

We had a reader request for a review on the Blinc mascara.  Luckily I had it and another similar product, so I decided to give you a mini review on both.  I don't have pictures of either on my lashes, so let me know in the comments if you'd like to see a picture comparison of them!

Both of these mascaras are tube mascaras- if you aren't familiar, here's what's up.  Rather than conventional mascaras that paint color onto your lashes, these form little water resistant "tubes" around your lashes.  They are sweat proof, tear proof, water proof, and rub proof.  Your mascara should look as good when you get home from work as when you left in the morning.  To remove them, you are supposed to be able to use just water, gentle pressure and a washcloth.

Blinc Mascara
This product was in my first ever Birchbox.  It comes in this little maroon tube with a screw cap, and when you open it there is the mascara.  I feel that the package is excessive and lends itself to the high price tag of $25.  This product certainly lives up to its expectations- it forms little tubes around the lashes, and I haven't noticed it budge an inch during the day.  When I take it off, I find it a little more difficult than simply using water and a washcloth.  I usually have to kind of grab and twirl my lashes to remove the tubes, and I use a few eyelashes in the process.  I do find it hard to remove all the little tubes in a timely manner so I am stuck washing off my lashes for much longer than if I had just used makeup remover.  The lash look is very basic and I don't find that it does much besides slightly lengthen and darken my lashes.  It also leaves my lashes slightly crispy after application.  

This is the only drugstore dupe of a tube mascara that I know of.  It retails at about $10 and claims to do pretty much exactly what the Blinc mascara says.  The main difference between the two is the price, and the fact that it comes with a primer.  If you're not familiar with mascara primer, it's main purpose is to condition and volumize lashes in advance, before you apply your mascara.  It gives mascara a little something to stick to and beefs it up a little bit.  I really like this formula- my lashes are not as crispy, and it generally does the same thing.  The tubes are still a pain in the butt to get off your lashes, but really that's what you get if you want budge proof mascara during the day- a little extra work at night to get it off.  This formula also does very little for your lashes aside from slightly lengthen and darken the lashes.


All in all, I rarely ever use tube mascaras.  There is a time and a place for me, and that is when I have allergies and my eyes are puffier than normal.  I would rather use my mascaras that really volumize, curl, lengthen and have a WOW factor and these mascaras really don't have those capabilities.  However, during allergy season, it's not attractive to have mascara running down your face or flaking all over your cheeks and eye area.  Whenever that time of year rolls around, or any time I notice a lot of mascara flaking, I switch to one of these formulas for a while.  They are very basic to me and feel kind of boring to me, but it's not impossible to glamorize them if you use an eyelash curler first.  If you are the kind of person who uses very basic mascara formulas and just need to lengthen and darker your lashes, you will really like these formulas for every day.

Both are decent formulas, but for how little I use them, I would only ever repurchase the L'Oreal because it's so much cheaper.

Yours in totally tubular mascara,



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