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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aveda Eye Colors and Face Accents!

While Jessica was visiting we received a package in the mail from Aveda!  They sent us a few goodies to try so we'd be able to share the latest and greatest with our blog followers and tell you what we think.  Aveda is a big name company so we were excited to be able to share these items with you.  I tried out 2 eye shades and a cheek shade.

I've linked you below where you can go on Aveda's website if you want to read more or purchase these shades.  I was not able to track down the eye shade Desert Bronze on their site.

Single Eye Color in 982 Desert Bronze

I thoroughly enjoyed using these products.  I like using Illumination on my whole lid, plus on any part of my face that needs some "illumination."  The shade is a very warm, shimmery, pale yellow-beige highlight.  If you click on the second picture, you can see where I've added some of the eye color to my cheekbones and it's given me a little extra shimmer.

I loved applying Desert Bronze with a large fluffy brush to my crease.  This is a buildable color and could be applied heavier with a smaller, more precise brush for a deep shimmering bronze.  When I get more color to my skin in the summer, I will wear it that way for sure!  It will be beautiful applied as a deep crease shade.

Apricot Whisper is a gorgeous cheek shade and very subtle.  I love the peachy-orange hue it gives my skin, since that is SO in this season.  It is matte so if you want a little shimmer it's easy to add a highlighter over top like I did.

These products are wonderful and long lasting.  I would recommend all three of these for a beautiful, natural look.  I really enjoy using these as part of my beauty routine.

We have three more Aveda product reviews so keep your eyes open for another eye shadow, a lip gloss, and an eye shadow transformer product!

Yours in Beauty,

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