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Friday, March 30, 2012

Yarok Hair Care

Jessica and I recently tried the Yarok Hair Care product line.  The easiest way to check out their collection is by ordering their Spring Break Bundle, which contains one of everything and retails at $72.  It would be absolutely perfect for going on a trip because everything is small and travel sized.  This hair company boasts meeting 100% of all vegan requirements.  Their entire hair care line is also free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates, and cruelty to animals.  Let's get started:

Feed Your Roots Mousse
This mousse promises to transform thin, limp, damaged or lifeless hair into voluminous or healthy hair. I did find that this added volume to my hair. I only needed to apply a small amount. I let my hair air dry to see if it would have extra volume without any help and I was pleased with the result. I also really enjoyed that this left my hair soft and not crunchy. My curls actually air dried quite nicely. They were shaped very well without any additional assistance besides these products. I hate crunchy curls, so this is a great product for me!

Feed Your Ends Leave in Conditioner
This product prevents damage while heat styling and nourishes hair with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.  The smell is a cross between lemon and herbs.  It is a very lightweight spray that I didn't feel left residue or buildup on my hair.  It was a pleasant smelling product and it was nice to know I was doing something good for my hair when I applied it.

Feed Your Hold Style Sustaining Hair Spray
This product promises a non aerosol, non-sticky hair spray free of all the nasty unnatural ingredients.  It claims medium control, but I would say more like light.  I would use this in the summer for a light hold finishing hair spray to give my beachy waves some texture.  I also get a faint whiff of rosemary from this spray which I like.

Feed Your Youth Hair and Scalp Serum
The essential oils in this product promise to provide the ultimate longevity promoting treatment for all hair types.  To treat a dry scalp, you are supposed to apply 3 full droppers of the product to the hair and scalp, work through and leave in 10 minutes before shampooing/conditioning the product out.  When I used this product, I didn't notice a difference in my hair after showering, but I don't have an issue with dryness in my hair.  This might be very therapeutic to people with very dry hair!

Feed Your Shine Shine Drops
This product promises to absorb quickly and penetrate to bring out hair's inner sheen while contrasting your highlights and protecting your hair from the damaging effects of heat tools.  I thought this product did a great job of adding shine to my hair without making it greasy!  It was a very lightweight product that did a great job bringing out my highlights without weighing it down.

Feed Your Do Styling Whip
This product is for texture and sculpting. This is a nice lightweight cream feeling product. Unlike some of the stronger earthy type smells of the other products, this product had a lighter more enjoyable scent to me. It has lemon peel and peppermint in it which are two of my favorite scents. I loved the lightweight feel of this. You only need a small amount as well. I would definitely recommend checking this out if you are looking for a texturizing product. This also leaves your hair feeling very soft and not crunchy.

Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum
This product will protect against harsh pool chemicals and the damaging effects of the sun.  It can do many things to help improve the structure of hair after harsh exposure, plus it helps dandruff issues.  While my scalp was dried out for a while there, I haven't had any issues as of late, so I can't vouch for it keeping dandruff and dry scalp issues at bay.  I will be keeping this in my beach bag this summer though for those days when I've spent too long at the beach.  I'm curious how this will make my burnt up, exposed scalp feel after a long day in the sun!

Feed Your Volume Shampoo
This product will add volume to your hair with a natural foaming lather. Like other sulfate free products, this is not going to create a ton of lather like you may be use to. This also has a lighter earthy scent to it. This contains organic and natural herbs, oils, flowers, and vitamins. I have definitely gotten more and more into using hair and skin products without all the nasty chemicals, so I feel better using products I know are good for me and the environment.

Feed Your Volume Conditioner
This product will moisturize your hair and promote volume and manageability with jojoba seed oil, macadamia nut oil and aloe vera. In the end I really liked the result of this product. It left my hair with more volume and it was more manageable as my curls air dried really nicely. My hair was extremely soft afterwards. The only thing I didn't like was the scent which was a little strong for me, but I am sensitive to scents. I would classify it as woodsy.

All in all, we were pleased with the value of the products, especially if you choose to try the whole line with the Spring Break Bundle.  The $72 price tag was reasonable for 9 products, leaving the average price per product to be $8.  With frequent use, most of the products would last a reasonable length of time- far longer than the average spring break!  We also appreciated their environmentally friendly packaging, and thought the size of their mousse, leave in conditioner, and hair sprays were especially generous considering that this was a sampler pack.

Have you ever tried Yarok products?  What do you think of natural vs. chemically laden products for your hair?

Yours in Beauty,
 Justina and Jessica


  1. Wow, you got a ton of great products for that price! I'm glad these work well for you! I've never tried anything from them before, but they certainly sound good!

  2. It really REALLY is a Beauty Gem! I tried it with my sister and mom and our experience was great!
    It is like having products from heaven...the smell of it it's so natural that your body knows very well
    what is real or not, specially in a world of chemicals all surrounded you.
    The feeling in your scalp is like having a good healthy meal and getting nutrients from it.
    The softness of the hair and the shine is incredible that probably I only felt it on a baby's hair.
    The satisfaction is pure, take my word and do something for the planet at least.
    Viva Yarok!



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