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Friday, March 23, 2012

White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold Styling Spray

Hello TGB friends!

Today I'm going to review White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold styling spray. I ALWAYS use heat to style my hair, and I am on the prowl for an amazing flat-iron spray. White Sands was kind enough to send me Liquid Texture to try out.

(This particular product comes in three sizes: 4oz for $10.00, 8.5 oz for $19.00, or 33.8oz for $

First, a little background: White Sands is a family company that was built from the ground up. The Salas family (the owners) started out by mixing products in their garage and doing demos at beauty shows. That was 10 years ago. Today their products are requested on the sets of some of today's most high-profile TV shows, including Glee, Drop Dead Diva, and Dancing with the Stars.

To be honest, wasn't really into the celebrity/stylist endorsements. Sure, a product may work great for a trained professional, but how do I know it will work for me and my hairstyling ability level, not to mention my busy schedule? On the other hand, if a styling product holds long enough for a all-day shoot or hard enough for a high-energy dance routine, it's worth a try.

I chose Liquid Texture Firm Hold because the White Sands rep said it was formulated for curling or flat-ironing. White Sands also makes a soft and medium hold in the Liquid Texture product for round-brushing. (I have discovered through much trial and error that I am absolutely incapable of round-brushing my own hair.)

To test the product, I tried three different styles: spiral curls, wavy with volume, and pin straight. I wanted to let the product speak for itself, so I washed my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner beforehand, and used only my choice brand of heat protection serum before blow-drying. I did not finish any of the styles with hair spray.

Here is my hair after washing and blow-drying with a heat protection serum. (My "blank canvas" before every style.)

Style 1: Spiral curls. This was the first style I tried with this product. On the bottle, it says to spray the product on dry hair, comb through, and style. They are not kidding about combing through. The product needs to soak in a bit before you style or your curls will come out crispy. After I got the hang of that, I was really pleased with how defined yet touchable my curls were. I hate crispy, greasy, or build-up-y curls, and White Sand Liquid Texture did not make my hair any of those.

This is how my curls looked 12 hours later when I came home that day. They have fallen a little, but remember, I did not use hairspray to finish. I was also outside for a few hours at a cookout in a light breeze.

Style 2: Wavy with volume. Overall I was please with this look, but I found that the product itself doesn't add very much volume as it says on the bottle. I think if I used velcro curlers with it for lift, I may have achieved a more voluminous look. I also would try a mousse or root plumper.

Style 3: Pin Straight. This is by far and away how I most often wear my hair. I usually opt for a low-maintenance style because I'm not a morning person and am often rushing out the door. The White Sands Liquid Texture did leave my hair straight, soft and shiny, but I wasn't crazy about having to wait for it to soak in before flat ironing. It definitely added time to my routine. However, I will say that the next morning, my hair was still kink-free and shiny without being greasy. I would use this for straightening again if I was getting ready to go out, not necessarily every morning.

So overall, I think White Sands Liquid Texture is a really good product. For me and my schedule, I will be saving it for more special occasion styles and will definitely be using it when wear curls. Also, I've heard great things about White Sands Infinity Hair Spray and will be checking that out in the near future. All of their products are very competitively priced, and they charge a flat rate of $5.00 for shipping. The web site is very user-friendly and you can search for products by your hair type or preferred styling technique. I wasn't able to find a salon locator, but the response time for their "contact us" form was very quick. I'm sure they would answer your inquiry in a timely manner.

This product was sent to my by White Sands. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

Yours in Beauty,


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  1. Thanks Lauren!!! Great review. Love the pictures and the 3 different looks! -Jessica

  2. I just found out from the White Sands rep that I was supposed to spray the product in my hair, then blow-dry for a few seconds before styling. That will definitely the waiting time. My bad! lol Still love the product!



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