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Friday, March 30, 2012

Wet n' Wild Limited Edition Flora Collection

I stopped by Walgreens today and noticed lots of fun new Spring cosmetics displays. There were lots of fun new nail polish colors for Spring, and I also spotted these beauties from Wet n' Wild. These are limited edition and were $4.99. There were 2 different versions. I wanted the nail polish and the orange eyeshadow in the first one and the trio of shadows and the lip gloss in the second one. So, of course, I decided for that price, I might as well get both!!! 

This is a great deal for a nail polish, lip gloss, eyeshadow trio, and mini blush, all for under $5!

33599 Twining Vines, 314A Mow the Glass, Flora trio, 833E Mellow Wine Blush

833E Mellow Wine Blush

Twining Vines polish

The top swatch is the blush. This was applied darker than you would wear on your face for the purposes of swatching. Tangerine is a huge color for Spring, so I wanted to try a cheaper shadow to see if I could pull off this spring trend!

831E Pearlescent Pink, Fauna trio, 311A Glass Confusion, 227C Teal or No Teal polish

The two upper shadows were very creamy, the bottom purple was a little chalkier, but I could still get a decent swatch from it. 

Gloss and Blush are top swatches. With Flash.

No Flash.

I'm super excited to put these to use. What do you think? What was your best spring makeup find lately...leave us a comment we would love to hear from you!

Yours in Beauty and Spring Collections, 



  1. I was just at Walgreens yesterday! If only I had the money to shop for makeup right now because those sets are so cute (and cheap!!!)

  2. Very were drawn to the exact same things I was! lol. If you are into orange lately, you should get Clinique's lipstick in Ambrosia. love it! -Justina

  3. What a great value! Wet n Wild is fantastic for good quality at a low cost! I really love that second set! The colours are vibrant but pretty!



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