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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too Faced LashGASM

Too Faced LashGASM: "It IS the size of your lashes that matter"
Retails $21
Product website here

You get to a point (at least I have) where you feel like you have tried just about every mascara and nothing can really surprise you that much anymore. However, I definitely was pleasantly surprised when I tried Too Faced mascara called LashGASM. Not only do I pretty much love all things Too Faced, I also love their packaging and designs. I'm going to let the picture speak for itself instead of doing an in-depth review. Overall, I give this an A+ for lengthening your lashes. Also, the design of the brush ensures minimal clumping! It has curls your lashes. It does leave them a little hard though for those of you that don't like that effect of mascara.

This is good for bottom lashes as well, but I would only recommend 1 coat, otherwise it can clump and weigh down those little bitty lashes. 
Two coats on left eye

Yours in Beauty, and having LashGASMs, 



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