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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too Faced Glamour To Go!!

Hey beautiful ladies!  Today I wanted to do a really easy look, so I whipped out my Too Faced Glamour To Go palette.  This look features, but is not limited to that palette.  I'll show you a couple other Too Faced goodies along the way that I had fun using too!  For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a super cute pocket sized palette that retails at $22 and is perfectly versatile, but perfect for road trips and quick touchups.

You can replicate my look in few easy steps.  I first primed my face, and applied my normal foundation and powder. For some added glow, I applied Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer, which retails at $29 on their site.  It's a small price to pay for an amazing beachy glow year round, check out the great luminosity on my cheek!  Wowza!

Next is where I had some fun.  The palette is itsy bitsy but packs a punch when it comes to colors.  I put #1 on my whole lid, #2 I patted on just the center of my lid for more oomph, and #3 went into my crease.

Here is the finished product on my lids!  It's a pretty, natural, and simple look, so I opted to add some blue liner and mascara.  You can finish it off however you'd like.

I generally don't like sticking my finger in a pile of goopy lip gloss, but I actually might be a convert now.  I mixed the two shades that have my finger marks in them for a custom shade.  

How cool is to it be able to mix your own gloss?  A sure fire way to ensure nobody will have the same lip shade you do!  It had a surprisingly hydrating and smooth feel with no stickiness, and I loved the baby doll pink color I got out of it.  

This is my new road tripping palette!  It is so small but there is so much inside!  I have plans to create a little carry on bag of makeup for my glovebox in my car, and this palette is going right inside.  I didn't go far today, but how do you like my on the go look?

Yours in Beauty, 

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