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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Best Body Moisturizers

If there's one thing that makes me feel sleek and sexy and ready for warm weather, it's having perfectly moisturized skin.  I love the feeling of clean shaven, smooth and beautiful legs.  One of my favorite "feel sexy moments" ever was when a guy once touched my leg and was like "Wow, did you shave 10 minutes ago?"  It had been more like 10 hours ago, but if you use the right products, you can feel just as luscious hours later as you do straight from the shower.

I have a variety of in shower and out of shower products at different price points, and a few natural products thrown in there as well.  Enjoy!

In-Shower Products

Moisturized skin starts in the shower.  Most women start upping the ante with their shaving routine this time of year, getting ready for warm weather, tank tops, and leg baring mini skirts.  Start in the shower by taking time shaving your legs and underarm areas.  I really like a shaving product I tried recently, by Chicstix.  Using these shaving wands, you get a super close shave and are left with smooth legs.

I absolutely love exfoliating in the shower.  Especially if you're a frequent lotion user, it helps to get residue from the product off your skin so you can start with a fresh, new canvas every day.  It also buffs the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.  

Bath and Body Works- There's the Rub


Another to-die-for body product is shower cream.  I love using this in the shower, but many kinds can be used either in the shower or once you towel off.  My absolute favorite that I've ever tried is a product from Bath and Body Works that had to be applied in the shower.  I haven't purchased it in forever, and thought it was discontinued.  A closer glance at the website tells me it's just been repackaged!  I love this shower cream.  One of my all time favorites.  Please note that these are not body cleansers- you still have to suds up, but this just gives your skin an extra oomph once you get it all clean!

Bath and Body Works- Monoi Oil Shower Cream

Body oil is an absolutely fabulous addition to your moisturizing routine.  This is my favorite body oil and it can be applied either in the shower or once you're out.  It doesn't make the skin greasy, it's lightweight and sinks right in.  Better yet, it's fragrance free and the bottle lasts forever!

Neutrogena- Body Oil

After Shower Products

Lotion is one of my favorite post shower products.  The right scent can give you a soft and subtle scent, and some of them can enhance scents that you layer with them.  One of my favorite tricks is to wear a vanilla or coconut based lotion, applying head to toe, and spray my favorite perfume over top.  The scent is mild, but totally changes the notes in the perfume, plus the lotion helps the scent stick with you longer.   

Boots Extracts- Cocoa Butter Body Butter

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