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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Style Has Sprung

There is nothing quite like Spring to get me out of my comfort zone and into colors and styles I wouldn't normally wear.  I tend to take more risks, and buy things that wouldn't have made the list last year.  One of my favorite places to shop for unique items is  Lauren, from Married to Music introduced me two years ago when I was looking for inspiration on where to buy things for my wedding.  She bought her boutonnieres there and I purchased the second dress I wore at my wedding there.  Although both of our weddings are long past, the site serves as an inspiration for us while on the search for something unique and fun.  Think of it as a Pinterest of sorts, except you can more easily buy the things you love!

Things I'm Lusting After:

Green Organza Petal Strapless Cocktail Dress
Seller:  Salvagelife, Price:  $225
I would wear this out on St. Patty's Day, with a shrug and a short pair of nude heels to church, on a fancy date to a wine bar, or to a wedding.  

Black and Red Polka Dot Rouched Maillot Pinup Retro Swimsuit
Seller: TheRedDolly, Price $80
This etsy seller handmakes retro swimming suits to your exact measurements, and they are awesome. How do I know?  I happen to own one :-)

Jewela Gold Sterling Silver Ring with Inlaid CZ
Seller:  Jewela, Price: $69
I love the hammered band and crown of this ring- it's big bling but looks earthy, not flashy.  It's the perfect bling for your hand this season, or any season.  

Spiced Cocoa Necklace
Seller:  MissAnnieMay, Price: ? (already sold)
This necklace has been on my favorites in Etsy for ages.  I love the spicy color of the pearls and the mixed chains.  I would wear this with a brown sundress and wedge heels in the summer.  Just looking at this necklace makes me want to email the seller to see if she can make another!

Paper Lantern
Seller: ArgreyStudios, Price: $32
These can be lit up with LED lights on the inside or just hung by a window to let light peek through.  I think it's gorgeous, albeit a little impractical for my house.  If I had a back porch, I would buy several and string them along the ceiling with lights inside.  

Lovely Winged Eyelashes
Seller:  Pyaari Designs, Price:  $17
This are pretty extreme in the world of fake eyelashes, but with a little manicure scissors action, they could be trimmed down to my specifications.  That said, I LOVE fake eyelashes.  Keep an eye out for future posts that feature these lovelies.

Yours in Etsy Love,


  1. I love absolutely everything in this post. That dress is so beautiful! Also, that swimsuit is exactly the type I was looking for last year! It is so cute and retro!

  2. I'm glad you like it! If you would happen to go with that etsy seller and have her make you one, make sure you get it with cups sewn in. It doesn't normally come without.



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