InTruBeauty: My First Little Black Bag Unveiling!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My First Little Black Bag Unveiling!

Little Black Bag

Little black bag is a monthly subscription service. The cost is $49.95 I believe. You can get 10% off your first order with code: Facebook10. Shipping was around $5. My total came to right about $50. I will briefly explain it and you can check out my prior blogs below for more detailed information: 
  • You pick 1 item of your choice from a gallery with over 500 items
  • Major designer names
  • Jewelry, cosmetics, decor, purses
  • Take a style quiz and stylists choose the other 2-3 items for you
  • You can get 1 extra item per month worth up to $25 for referrals (mine were the Betsey Johnson earrings this month) 
    • CODE valid through June 30th for a free item is : glitterpick
  • You have 7 days to trade unwanted items online with other members. 
  • I got probably at least 20-30 trade offers in the first day, but I liked my original picks so much that I stuck with them. You will receive many trade offers and can make trades of your own.
  • You can skip months and will not be charged. If you do not skip a month, you will be charged and credited for a bag
  • You aren't charged until you are happy with your bag and you click to ship it
  • You can cancel a bag before shipping and start over

Invite Link:

Prior Detailed Blogs about this service HERE and HERE

Retail value of my first bag: $166. Price paid: $50

Retail: $25

(Bracelet sized a little larger, wouldn't recommend for small wrists)

Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

butter LONDON, Retail : $14

I'm really loving this fun new creative service!!?? Have you signed up yet?

Invite Link:

Yours in Beauty, and Little Black Bags, 



  1. This looks so cool! I love that you can trade with other members before its shipped so you can make your bag perfect. The price is a little much for me but maybe I'd want to try it someday. I don't dare sign up because I'm sure once I see some of what is there I will want to buy it!

  2. I signed up a couple of days ago,I'll be getting those super cute Betsey Johnson earring too.

  3. I think this is a great deal.And also the products are really lovely and classy...And you know what all these accesories are matching with the my favorite sarees..It's like cherry on the cake..I am so happy..Thanks a lot...



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