InTruBeauty: Maybelline 10 Hour Super Stay Lip Stain Gloss Review

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maybelline 10 Hour Super Stay Lip Stain Gloss Review

My video review of the Maybelline 10 Hour Super Stay Lip Stain Gloss in 120 Berry

Trial #1: Maybelline Lipstick "Strike a Posy" (light pink) underneath with Stain Gloss over top

2 hours later 

2 hours later: applied EOS lip balm ontop to even out color and help with flaking

3 hours later!

Trial #2: Stain Gloss worn completely alone

Right after application. How pretty!

1 hour later

2 hours later, right after lunch. YIKES!!!!

Trial #3: Reapplied after lunch (worn bare on lips)
Right after application

3 hours later. You can see this clumping up in the fine lines and the uneven color fading. It looks nothing like when just applied earlier. I tried wiping all of the gloss off after each trial, but it seems that more is not good with this product, it just flakes and crumbles more. 

3 hours later from further away looks okay
This somehow manages to look okay as time goes on from further away. Personally, even if it would look good to most people who aren't viewing me as close as these photos, it would bug me all day. This is taken right after the one above.

The good
  • Color is beautiful and glossy when first applied
  • Love the slight fruity scent
  • Applicator is very easy to use
  • I love this color!!!!
The bad
  • This can not be worn ontop of lipstick. I wouldn't recommend ontop of balm either 
  • $8.99 is a little pricey 
  • Doesn't last 10 hours
  • Must be worn alone 
  • Color fades & fades unevenly
  • Flaking 
  • Doesn't hold up to eating 
  • Some of stain can end up building up in fine lines 
  • More applications doesn't make it better, you will have more flaking & unevenness
  • You are aware of having something on your lips, isn't lightweight enough that you feel your lips are bare
The verdict: This certainly doesn't live up to its claim of 10 hour staying power. My final verdict is that this would look good for around 3 to maybe 4 hours if you did not have a meal in there. The only way this worked for me was to wear on bare lips. My lips aren't overly dry right now, but this likely wouldn't look good on dry lips. What a disappointment because the initial color and gloss are absolutely stunning, but they do not stay.

The alternative:

This felt like the total opposite of the Exude lipstick review I had done. Check out that review HERE. I highly recommend that brand over this product. Their lipstick was so creamy, lightweight, and had great staying power. It felt like you had nothing on.(This is not a stain though).

Yours in Beauty and Lipstick Trials, 



  1. That's too bad these don't live up to the 10 hour claim. The color is so pretty in the beginning!

  2. Jessica,

    Was glad to read your review because I was just going to go out and get the Mabelline 10 hour super stay.

    I am using CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain and it is a very good product. Good staying power and great color. I bought a light pink and also a darker mauve. The darker seemed to work best. However, because the stains dry your lips, I put a bit of VS lipgloss and this solved the problem. I would highly recommend this product! It does not get on your teeth either so that is a plus. One other pro is that it makes your lips nice and pink like they were just pinched (minus the pain). I cannot say that it stays on for 10 hours but would you really want it to? I change my lip color a lot during the day. The ones I purchased at Walgreens were buy 1 get 1 free!

    Another thing, I believe that for a lipstain to be advertised as wearable for 10 hours is ludicrous.

    Have a happy day!




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