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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mama Mio Review

We were recently given the opportunity by Mama Mio's company to give some of their products a try.  What do I love about this product line?  The promises they make on their website about their brand:
The Mama Mio Promises  
We want to make you four special promises about everything Mama Mio:
1.  We are so proud of the quality of our formulas. We spend a HUGE amount on the actual ingredients in every single product. Because we know that our products are our advertisements – and if you love them you will spread that love. That is how we have grown in the last 5 years. 
2.  Those expensive active ingredients are included at their highest recommended levels so they really work – no waving over the top of the jar for us. High percentages of the things that matter. 
3.  Our No Nasties rule applies to everything we make – there are no exceptions. Every Mama Mio product is paraben free, petroleum free, phthalates free, sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulphate free, colourant free, synthetic fragrance free and xenoestrogen free. If it is nasty, it is a no-no. Even our fragrances are natural. 
4.  It must be a pleasure to use Your beauty ritual is important. Every single product you use must make you feel absolutely gorgeous – be it a cellulite cream, a body oil or a wrinkle cream; it should be a lovely part of your skincare regime that you look forward to every day.
Pretty cool huh?  After reading those products, it won't be a surprise that I was eager to get my hands on some of these products for my pregnant body.  I don't want to put anything on or in my body that could be of potential danger to the human life I'm carrying inside of me.

A quick note before the review of the products:  I had an issue with leakage in one of the products I was sent, and because of this, I was able to get a taste for their customer service, which is wonderful!  I took a few pictures to show the punctured package and the leak, and within about a week or so I had my hands on a brand new product.  They were prompt in emailing me back and very kind about the situation.  Dealing with a great customer service team makes me feel even more confident about placing a future order with a company!

rapid relief for heavy legs and feet
$19.50 for 3.4 fl. oz.

This product promises to instantly cool weary limbs and rejuvenate the legs and feet when needed.   On top of being a great pregnancy product, I could see any tired legs benefiting from this product!  Don't save all the fun for us pregnant ladies!  I really liked this product and my favorite part was the very subtle shimmer it left behind.  

The pump was difficult to use.  I had a hard time pumping any product out the first time, so I pumped 20 times to get any product out.  I thought it was just something with the first time, but it happened every other time too.  I had the best luck with holding the product upside down and pumping it.

I originally thought putting 1-2 pumps as the directions indicated, on each leg would do the job sufficiently.  It did work when I did that, but there wasn't much of a tingle.  I would put 5-6 pumps on each leg to really get the full effect.  You can achieve a really minty tingle that feels excellent when your legs are tired, and when they are just fine.  You can get an even more intense tingle the more pumps you put on your legs!

The consistency is liquid but not thick like a lotion or cream.  It was a very thin, watery formula.  It smells minty but not so much that it's overpowering.  It is not a moisturizing product- when you apply it it does its job, but does not make your skin feel softer or more hydrated.

say NO to stretch marks!
$35 for 4.1 fl. oz.

Now that I'm entering my second trimester of pregnancy (I'm at about 12 weeks) I'm right at the time when my stomach is going to start growing big time.  Stretch marks are a big concern as you may know for pregnant women.  It's important to be proactive now so the skin can stay in good condition and bounce back to normal post-pregnancy.  I just noticed some red welt-like stretch marks and veins on the sides of my abdomen starting to develop.  I am really hoping to keep those stretch marks at bay, so I have started using this oil.

When I use the oil, I put it in my hands and rub them together.  I kind of shake it out of the bottle, 4-5 shakes.  I need about 8-10 shakes to apply this product to the entire area that they recommend- from right below the bust to right below the butt, and everywhere in between.  I can see that if I continue to use this product through my pregnancy, I'll go through at least 3-4 bottles of this.  It is recommended to continue using it after pregnancy until skin returns to normal, so maybe even more bottles!  I think a jar of this product will likely last about 1.5-2 months, depending on how religiously it's used.  At this time, I'm only using it once a day, but I plan to move up to using it twice a day as my stomach continues to grow.

The first time I used this, I applied the product to my stomach, and right away, I rolled my white tank top back down over my stomach.  It got some oil on it that absorbed through and stained the material.  I would recommend waiting for a few moments to get the oil to completely soak in before putting your shirt back on.  I haven't had a problem since I started being more careful.  It really does soak in quickly, but it's something that you still should take your time with.  When you are slinging oil around in a hurry it's bound to make a mess on something!  It's lightly fragranced, but not something that would get irritate the nose.  It is called "Gravita" and is a blend of 10 safe and comforting essential oils.

Although I really liked the tummy rub oil, I felt like it would not be enough as a stand alone product for my stretch marks.  I did not notice a fading of the marks, although my skin felt significantly more hydrated.  After using it by itself, I decided to layer some cocoa butter over top.  That was the ticket.  It feels so smooth and so hydrating, and the products complement each other well.


After trying the Tummy Rub Oil and the Lucky Legs, I was so impressed I bought the Tummy Butter.  I am thinking about trying the Boob Tube next for some boob-skin firming action.  Has anyone tried any of these products?

Stay tuned for Jessica's review of more Mama Mio products!

Yours in Beauty,

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