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Friday, March 2, 2012

Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag

I just learned about this new subscription service called Little Black Bag. You can find them by clicking here to sign up for free:  The site states you can save up to 70% off. There is a variety of cosmetics, handbags, decor, and jewelry.

Like other subscription services, you take a style quiz and the items that are picked for you in your little black bag depend on the questions you answered. You can go back and take the quiz as well if you don't think it adequately describes you. I'm still learning about this company, but it looks like you get to choose 1 item of your own from a list of 192 items. The stylists pick 1-3 items for you.
They work with major brands such as Butter London, D&G, Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, L.A.M.B., BCBGeneration, Disney Couture, Betsey Johnson, Hello Kitty, Badgley Mischka, Cargo and more. So you pick your one item and the stylists pick an additional 2-3 items for a total price is $49.95. You have to purchase the subscription based on the 1 item you chose before the other 2-3 picks are revealed, but you can swap and trade online with other members for 1 week if you get something you didn't want.  The total value is around $100.

Once your bag is perfect, then it is shipped. The website states you can do exchanges and returns within 30 days. It looks like you may have to pay for return shipping and you will be given a credit unless you contact them before shipping it back for a refund. Your refund amount per item would be the retail value of your return multiplied by the price you paid of $49.95.

A lot of the products in their showroom are from great brands are in the pricey to moderate range. It seems they do carry some items that are a little less expensive too. When you go to your little black bag it will tell you the other brands and the value of the items that will be chosen for you. You can skip bags you don't want and they won't ship it until your bag is right. You don't pay until your bag is shipped.

Not quite sure I'm ready to commit, but I will say I'm very intrigued at this point! I like the concept of this and even with only knowing 1 item in your bag, I was still saving about $65 on that one item. I don't like paying for things that I haven't seen yet, but if I see a bag or jewelry I must have, then this may be a pretty good deal! And you know I like deals! If you've tried this company be sure to comment and let me know what you think!

Here is the invite link: 

Yours in Beauty, and Little Black Bags, 

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