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Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Black Bag Update

I had just posted about the specifics of this monthly subscription service for beauty, jewelry, purses, clutches, decor, etc. The monthly charge is $49.95. You get to choose 1 item and the other 2-3 are picked by the stylists. Here is what my first bag was. If you don't like an item, you have a week to "trade" it and your bag won't ship until you like what you have. I just found out the contents of my bag and have already had about 10 trade offers. I'm so pleased with what I have, I probably won't end up trading.

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Check out my prior post here for the detailed information on how this service works.

Here were the contents of my first Little Black Bag:
Retail: $100 
This was my pick. How unique! I've never seen anything quite like it 
Brand: Kenneth Jay Lane 

Retail: $30 
This was a stylist pick
Brand: Steve Madden Bow Stretch Bangle 

Retail: $14 
Brand: Butter London Disco Biscuit 
I have been dying to try Butter London, but couldn't bring myself to pay $14 for 1 bottle of polish. 

So with the discount code plus around $5 of shipping the total for this bag would be about $50. That is a savings over retail price of $94.00. It is super fun to see the other items for trade offers as well. I really like the concept of this. 

Yours in Beauty and Little Black Bags, 



  1. Those are cute, unique items! I wish it was more affordable (in the $30 range) but for the price you're getting some really pretty pieces. Too much for me I think but I'm jealous of all the cool things you'll be getting on there!

  2. Do you actually get a bag or do you only get a bag if you pick a bag?

  3. You only get a bag if you pick a bag. You can see the showroom before you are charged, but once you actually pick your item and allow the stylists to pick the other items, then you will be getting a bag that month. If you see the showroom and don't want anything, then skip the month and you won't be charged.

    I think thats what your asking? There isn't an actual "black bag" you get either, its just the items.


  4. Hey this is nice collection...Also these kind of stuff is available at online shopping stores that too at cheap prices..



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