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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jewelry Storage

As a self-proclaimed jewelry addict, I have many different places in my home where I store my jewelry.  In a perfect world, I could afford a jewelry armoire that fit every last piece of jewelry from my rings and bangle bracelets to my chunky beaded necklaces.

My Dream-moire
$520 at

Snapping back to reality, I don't have lots of money to spend on storage.  And if I did, let's face it, I'd probably just use it to buy more jewelry.  I have a rich future fantasy life, so perhaps someday this beautiful piece of furniture will make its way into my budget, but in the meantime I'm stuck with what I have....

I store about half of my jewelry in this small jewelry armoire that I bought at Shopko years ago on clearance.  It has a small storage area on top for rings, 2 doors that open on either side for necklaces, and several drawers.  I like it, but I can't wait to pass it on to a future daughter someday so I can upgrade. It doesn't quite fit all of my treasures!

Another place I store jewelry is in this handy little tackle box.  I can store rings, stud earrings, and hoops or larger earrings that are 1 inch or smaller in diameter.  I like that this allows me to sort out most of my smaller, non costume jewelry earrings.  2-3 pairs fit in each slot. When I need to move or take jewelry with me, I simply tape the top down for some extra hold, and pack it with my stuff.  Can't beat the convenience of that!

I tend to hoard my jewelry in every room of the house.  That said, I don't want to lose it, so I invested in this little dish at a discount store.  I think I have a couple more in moving boxes that I haven't tracked down yet!  They're pretty cute, and I'm less likely to lose a pair of earrings or a bracelet that I set in the dish.  When you set a pair of earrings on a coffee table next to you, it's easy for them to get swept onto the floor and eaten by a vacuum cleaner!  The little dish prevents that, and serves as a cute little addition to your room's decor.

I like taking my wedding ring or any ring I'm wearing off when I style my hair, use makeup, shower, go to the bathroom, or wash my hands.  Pretty much any activity that takes place in the bathroom?  Why?  Because I don't want to put extra wear and tear on my diamonds by washing them multiple times a day and I don't want chemicals or oils tarnishing my jewelry.  So...I always take it off in the bathroom.  The bathrooms in our house are a stockpile for products and makeup brushes and more, so I definitely don't want to just set a ring on the counter top.  That's why I invested in some of these cute decorative jewelry devices.

This cute little tree stand is made by Fossil.  It was originally $34 and I got it on clearance for $14.  I think it makes a lovely addition to any room, but I like to keep it in the bathroom.  It looks like it might be made out of glass or porcelain or something fragile, but it's actually painted metal and very sturdy.  

This jewelry stand is also solid metal and very sturdy!  I got this last year at Anthropologie.  It's a little pricier and I wasn't able to find a dupe anywhere online, so I begged and ended up getting it for Christmas.  I love it, and it has done a great job storing any kind of jewelry for me.

This I got at a discount store.  Not sure if it's supposed to hold jewelry or just be a sculpture, but in our house, it has the function of holding rings.  I like to keep this by my bed and store my wedding ring on it.  

These hooks are drilled into an old desk that has a cabinet in the top.  I like to store chunky long necklaces on them, since it's very sturdy and holds a lot of weight.

Jewelry store for travel-

I have yet to find a perfect jewelry roll for when I travel.  If there is one to be found, I haven't stumbled upon it yet.  The best way I have discovered to bring your jewelry with you for the weekend, is some tissue paper and a cosmetics bag.  I don't go out and buy tissue paper for this purpose- it doesn't matter how nice or scraggly it is.  You could also use a paper towel or individual plastic baggies.  The main idea is to keep each piece separate from the other so they don't get scratched or tangled.  Even a pair of matching earrings stored together could rub and loosen stones or cause the shell to break.  I wrap each piece individually and put them in a snug cosmetics bag.  This has always worked out very well for me, and my jewelry arrives intact to my destination!

Other ways-

There are several other ways to keep track of jewelry!  Jessica uses a device with a hanger that has cubbies for her different pieces and it works well for her.  It hangs on the back side of her bathroom door.  She also hangs her necklaces on the towel bar of her bathroom and on the sides of a metal stand that holds other bathroom items.  Creative and functional ideas!  

I've also seen ideas on pinterest, including one where a person used a cheese grater to hang pairs of earrings.  Super funky and cute!  We would love to know where and how you store your precious treasures.  Leave us a note or a picture.

Yours in Beauty, Justina


  1. You are so organized! I wish I was that organized with my jewellery!

  2. I got a really nice, large jewelry armoire on clearance from Target. I think it's even larger than the one you have pictured on top and was less than $50 on clearance. Check their furniture section occasionally!



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