InTruBeauty: How to NOT cut back and still SAVE!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to NOT cut back and still SAVE!

Hey Ladies!  I know you're all really into beauty on this page.  One thing that I've struggled with big time is being able to afford the lifestyle and the products I want for myself.  Today, I thought I'd bring you a couple pointers on saving money on your beauty routine without cutting back or settling for less.  The only things involved are bringing up your skill level a little bit in some areas, shopping around for a better deal, and putting your thinking cap on sometimes.  Another helpful thing is you can bring a friend on board who wants to save also!  Extra points if they are crafty or skilled in different areas than you are.  I would love if you would bring up any comments on things you do to save!

I'm going to make a list of all the things I would be doing every month if I was totally rich and could afford them.  Some of these things might be things you already do, or not.  Most of these things I indulge in either every month or every few months, but over time I have realized I can't afford it.  Props to you if you can do everything on the SAVE list and totally switch over in every category.  I like to do a couple SPLURGE list things every month, and do the rest from the SAVE list.  Sometimes I switch up what things I save and splurge on monthly.

Salon Maintenance:
- Cut- $30
- Color- $50
- Highlight- $80
- Eyebrow wax- $15
- Lip wax- $10
- Manicure- $35
- Pedicure- $45
Total:  $265

Spa Trip:
- Body Wrap- $100
- Massage- $50
- Facial- $50
Total:  $200

Health & Fitness:
- Gym Membership- $50
- Personal Trainer- $60
Total:  $110

Shopping Trips:
- New heels- $50
- New makeup- $100
- New party dress- $60
- Black cardigan for work- $50
- Birthday gift for boyfriend- $100
Total:  $360

Going Out:
- Drinks on the town- $35
- Out for lunch 3 days a week this month- $100
- Dinner with the girls once a weekend- $75
Total:  $210

Realistically, this is about how much I spend on stuff every 6-8 weeks, but it's a pretty comprehensive list of everything I spend money on that's "unnecessary."  So let's add up the total and we'll consider it our total for two months of shopping/splurging expenses!  
265+200+110+360+210= $1,145, half of that is $552.50.  

$552.50 worth of splurging expenses for one month!  No thanks!  I think we can make huge improvements on that!

In my upcoming posts, here are what the new prices add up to for our 6 to 8 weeks SAVE list.

Salon Maintenance- $92
Spa Trips- $50
Health & Fitness- $55
Shopping Trips- $290 
Going Out- $117

Total= $604 for a couple months of great times.  $302 for about a month!  

Make sure to keep reading in the next few days as we bring you all these tips and tricks!  I love saving and you will too when you find out you can feel just as pampered and spend far less!  

This month, my splurge list was Salon Maintenance and Health & Fitness
I saved on Spa Trips (something I very rarely indulge in), Shopping Trips, and Going Out!

Yours in Savings,

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  1. Am really looking forward to your savings tips!




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