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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Combat Face Acne

Want to know what to do to cure acne and get rid of it once and for all? If you're anything like me, you're an adult and still get pesky pimples like a teenager from time to time. It could be anything from stress, to hormonal changes, to aging, to medication changes.  Really, it can be caused by just about anything unfortunately.  But I am here to tell you how to get treat acne on your face!  I just did a post on how to combat body acne that you can read here.

How to Combat Face Acne
- You can likely blame some of your laziness for your acne!  I said it, and I'm guilty of it too.  Wash your face EVERY NIGHT no matter what.  Even if you are sleeping over at a friend's house or a boyfriend's bring some facial cleansing wipes with you.  I kept a box of these wipes at an ex-bf's house in college, and he didn't even know- I shoved the box under his bed and they were there whenever I needed them.  That said, I haven't found a brand that I'm in love with yet, so if you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments below!

- Wash your pillow case once a week!  That may seem excessive if you don't have a washer/dryer at your place, but they're easy to wash in the sink with some water and laundry detergent.  Soak it in the sink and hang it in your bathroom to drip dry if nothing else.  Your complexion will thank you!

- If you can stand to, sleep on your back.  This keeps your face straight up in the air, and off your pillow.  Plus, it's a double whammy.  It protects your face against acne AND wrinkles.

- When washing your face at night, clip the front of your hair back with some large alligator clips.  This keeps your hair off your face and lets you reach every single last bit of your forehead.  

- Don't over exfoliate, as that can cause you to break out more.  When you strip your skin of its natural oils, it goes into overdrive to replace them, causing more oil and pimples.  Yikes!  A simple toner once daily is plenty- I usually choose to do this at night after using a cleanser.  You can exfoliate with a simple scrub 2-3 times a week if you have normal/oily/combination skin.  If you have  dry or sensitive skin, limit it to once weekly.  Don't have an exfoliator?  Take a handful of sugar or epsom salts and add it to your daily cleanser.  

- I'm so guilty of reusing my damp bath towel hours later to dry off my face after cleansing. This is SO BAD!  Use a new towel when washing your face each time.  If you are really low on hand towels, use half the towel one day, and half the next.  You can find tiny towels that are perfect for this at the dollar store.  They normally come in a huge bundle pack of towels for a buck or two.

- If you have to pop a zit on your face, use 2 q-tips to squeeze instead of your fingernails.  I can't count the number of times I've made an even bigger mess of my face just trying to squeeze my problem area.  Q-tips work surprisingly well!

- Once a week, use an acne mask on your skin.  I like the Acne Solutions mask by Clinique.  It's very effective without drying your skin out.

- Don't switch between too many products!  It's best to stick with a regimen for a few months before changing things up.  If you are a sucker for new products, try to limit yourself to one new thing at a time, so if your skin reacts you'll know what the culprit was!

- If you want to get an even deeper clean, try a product like the Clarisonic or Olay ProX.  We will be testing out a sponge in the near future that claims to give you a better complexion as well.  There are so many brushes at high and low end prices it can be hard to choose one!  My advice is start cheap, and if you can see the potential in the product, upgrade later.  I am trying the Olay ProX as a precursor to buying the Clarisonic- if I fall in love with it maybe I'll go for it's expensive counterpart at a later date!

- Once a day, take a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, or facial toner, and go over your cell phone where it touches your face.  That thing is full of germs!

- Clean your brushes!  Of all the different pieces of advice I've given in this post, this may be the most important if you wear makeup.  I have expensive brush cleaner, and I've used shampoo, and liquid soap, etc, but in the end this is the best way I have found to clean brushes AND the quickest.  

1.  Find a receptacle large enough for all of your makeup brushes- I used a glass container from the           kitchen.

2.  Grab up some 70% percent alcohol.  There's some method to the madness of this percent- you can find 50% and 100% also, but this is just the right concentration to cleanse without eating your brushes.  You can get an enormous bottle for $2.  Keep squirting it in the container until the brushes are submerged.  If you are stingy with your alcohol, do 3/4 alcohol, 1/4 water.  

3.  Leave the brushes in the alcohol for 10 minutes or so.

4.  Rinse the brushes out.  This part never ceases to amaze me- when I use liquid soap to clean them, I literally clean each brush for at least a minute before all the stuff rinses down the drain.  When I use the alcohol mix, I run my brush under tap water for about 2 seconds and it's totally clean.  Amazing!

5.  Dry the brushes flat on the counter on a towel or paper towel.  DO NOT put them bristles up in a container, or the water will seep into the bristles and down to the glue and start detaching the hairs on the brush.'re done.  

Yours in Ridding Yourself of Icky Acne,

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