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Sunday, March 25, 2012

ENJOY Hydrating Hair Care Line Review

We were given some exciting opportunities recently to review a hair care line by ENJOY.

I used the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask all together. The next time I used the shampoo and the hair mask, without using the conditioner. I find the hair mask gives your hair a lot of extra needed moisture and my hair had been feeling a little dry lately.

My first impression right out of the shower was that I could immediately tell this was going to be a product that was going to make my hair super soft and shiny....and when it dried it totally was! I use a wide toothed comb to comb through my hair after showering and it was like combing through silk. It felt that great.

ENJOY Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
Shampoo Description: Create unbelievably smooth and silky hair. Eliminate frizz. Moisturize without buildup. Color safe for all hair types. Sulfate-free with Cleanse Sensor, Color Holding Formula locks in Hair Color, pH 4.5-5.5. Great for dry, coarse, chemically processed, or overly curly hair.

Conditioner Description: Creates smoothness, softness, and shine. Eliminate frizz and detangle. Color safe for all hair types. pH 3.5-4.5. Great for dry, coarse, chemically processed or overly curly hair. Hydrate and replenish to give hair greater elasticity, smoothness and shine.

Jessica's Review: These products are not only sulfate free (free from harsh detergents) but they also have a color holding formula, so they help to lock in your hair color if you like to dye your hair. Some sulfate free shampoos don't lather up too much, but I found that this shampoo gave me a really nice lather.  I've used a lot of sulfate free shampoos so I'm use to some not lathering at all, and I was happy to be able to lather it. The scent is a light fruity slightly citrus scent. I found it to be very refreshing and non-irritating. The conditioner had the same scent and I found it to be very moisturizing as well.

In using these products, the first thing I realized was that the hole in the top is enormous!

Justina's Review: If you use these products, be careful when you squeeze (especially with the shampoo), as you can let a lot of product out without meaning to.  The bottles are tall, slim, and sleek, and are unlike the thick jug-like liter bottles many products come in.  I didn't have have a problem with them falling off my shower ledge because they are slim!  

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a slight fruity scent.  I had a hard time getting a good lather going with the shampoo at first, which is typical of a sulfate free shampoo.  Most of the sulfate free shampoos don't later at all, but if you make sure to get your hair really wet first and apply the product generously, you can get a decent lather going.  I feel that it did a nice job cleansing my hair without being harsh.

The conditioner advises you to apply it, comb through, and leave on the hair for 1-2 minutes.  I generally apply conditioner, shave my legs while trying to stay away from the shower head, and rinse, however long that may take.  I thought the conditioner was very hydrating and really restored my hair to a soft and shiny state.

ENJOY Hair Mask, 8.5fl oz
Product Description: Intensive smoothing mask. For enriching dry and unruly hair. Leaves the hair soft and manageable. pH 4.5-5.5. Apply liberally and comb through hair. Leave in 2-5 minutes then rinse. For more intense treatment, apply ENJOY Intensive Reconstructing Spray before the ENJOY Hair Mask. You can cover with a plastic bag and apply heat for up to 20 minutes.

Jessica's Review: This has a light pleasing scent as well. It has a nice thick consistency and gives your hair the added moisture it needs. My hair definitely felt softer and shinier after using this product. I also love hair masks and have tried a ton. 

Justina's Review: This was a great mask.  I have tried several and this is one of my favorite.  Many hair masks seem to add a lot of product buildup to my hair and leave me with heavy, greasy hair that easily frizzes, but that was not the case with this one.  My hair felt healthy, soft, and sleek afterwards!  Compared to some of its more expensive competitors, I would choose this mask.  It is especially intriguing to me to be able to cover my hair and apply heat- I have not tried it in this way yet, but I plan to.  GREAT choice of a hair mask, and I highly recommend it!

ENJOY Shine and Smooth, 3.4 fl oz
Product Description: Eliminates friziness. Makes hair soft and silky without weight. Great for hair and skin. Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity.
Jessica's Review: I also have a lot of shine serums that I use and rotate on a monthly basis...probably at least 4 different kinds. What I liked about this is that it did add shine to my hair without making it feel heavier. I did apply some of this in my wet hair and when my hair was dry after air drying I did notice there was some friziness that needed to be smoothed down. I applied a little bit more onto my dry hair. I was careful not to apply too much or to apply too much to the roots or it could leave your hair looking oily. I think this was a good product, but I can actually achieve more shine with some of my other shine serums. 

Justina's Review: This serum was more of a smoothing product than a shine product.  I rotate between several different smoothing and shining products on a regular basis.  This was a smoother and didn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy.  I tried it while my hair was wet, and while my hair was dry, and it worked well both ways.  I can't attest to how it works in humidity, because the weather here is pretty cool this time of year.  My hair has a natural wave to it that is hard to combat in the humidity, so I'll be eager for that weather to come so I can see how it lives up to those claims.

We won't bombard you with pictures of our hair with every product, but here are Jessica's lovely locks after using her ENJOY products:
This is my hair after using all of the products. My favorite feature of these products is that they left my hair SO SOFT!

These products were provided for us by ENJOY for review, but does not affect our opinion.  If you are interested in a giveaway of these products, we are hosting a giveaway for the four products we reviewed at Everyday Beautiful's blog.  

Stay tuned for our guest blogger, Lauren's future review of ENJOY's color safe line- she will be reviewing the shampoo and conditioner and we will be hosting a giveaway of those two products on our blog within a few weeks.  Stay tuned!

Where to Buy:  (see salon locator)

Yours in Beauty, and ENJOY-ing our hair products, 

Justina & Jessica

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