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Saturday, March 31, 2012

ENJOY Color Care Review & Giveaway!

Hello Beauties,

While Justina and Jessica tested ENJOY's Hydrating formula (click for the review), I tried out the Sulfate-Free Luxury Shampoo and Luxury Conditioner in the Color-Holding formula. I tried the Shine and Smooth as well. Here is my experience with the products:

The packing is totally cute. As they said in their review earlier, the bottles are tall and slim, so the fit in my shower really easily. That's particularly great for me since I keep tons of products in my shower. I also dug the line "Tested on hairdressers not animals" printed on the bottles. :)

I loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner. It's a rich vanilla-coconut scent that lasts. I haven't used a scented shampoo in a while, and I forgot how much I liked it. Both the shampoo and conditioner were rich and creamy, which I think is the hallmark of a quality product.

The Shampoo
It smells much stronger than the conditioner. I wouldn't say it is "heavily" scented, but it might bother you if you're sensitive to fragrance. It works into an awesome lather and it left my hair feeling really clean. I have said in a previous post that even though I swear by sulfate-free hair care, I use a traditional clarifying shampoo about once a month because I have hard water. I was really impressed when this sulfate-free shampoo cleaned my hair just as well as my clarifying shampoo. I am seriously considering ponying up the cash to rotate this product into my shampoo collection, and ditch the clarifying formula.

As far as being color-safe, it's difficult to tell after only a few tries and smack in-between colorings. However, I have generally come to trust that sulfate-free products are the best for maintaining color.

The Conditioner

I love a thick conditioner, and this one is actually difficult to get our of the bottle! Once I get it out though, it's totally worth the effort. The directions say to remove most of the water from your hair before applying it. I actually picked up this tip from a stylist a while back, and it's a great technique for getting the most out of your conditioner. I keep a little hand towel in the shower and squeeze my hair with it a few times before I apply my conditioner. If your hair is damp, rather than wet, your conditioner will sink in better.

Shine and Smooth

I am surprised that Justina  thought this only smoothed without shining, because I thought it was amazing. I have really dry, frizzy hair that I have always wanted to tame. I dream of just being able to blow-dry my hair and go. This product is as close to that dream as I have come so far.

My hair using just Shine and Smooth and a blow-dryer.

It's serum-like in consistency and you just work it in to wet hair before blow-drying. I freestyle blow-dry and finish kinks with a straightener, but if you are a round-brusher, you will love this.

This is how my hair looked after going over it with a straightener and a thermal protector of my choice.

I got awesome shine without a heavy or greasy feeling. The only thing is, I can't do much else with this product except wear my hair straight. I do not get good results mixing this with mousse for volume or styling spray for curls. I will say though, that this is a great product for a low-maintenance straight look that feels amazing. (I could not stop touching my hair the first day I tried this.) It carried over well to the next day, I only had to iron out some bed-head kinks. By the end of the second day, my roots were starting to look greasy, but that is normal for me. (I only wash my hair every other day.)

Bits and Pieces

I was really amused that the bottles give alternate uses for the products. The shampoo says it is also a great body wash, and the conditioner can be used as an in-shower moisturizer. Since I loved the scent so much, I tried out both. The shampoo-as-body wash was awesome. Just a small amount on a loofah builds a great lather. The in-shower moisturizer was okay, but I still felt like I needed to lotion-up like usual after my shower. They say the Shine and Smooth can be a body moisturizer too, but I didn't think I would like the serum-y feel all over my skin, so I left than one alone. Plus I want to save it all for my hair!

Overall, I am very impressed with ENJOY. The products are great, but the price point is a little steep for me. If I did buy these, I would only use them once in a great while in my rotation to make them last.

Stay tuned for a giveaway of these very products starting 
on April 1st!!

Yours in beauty,


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  1. Your hair looks so shiny and soft! I don't know you but I would want to touch your hair if I saw you in person (sorry for the weird compliment lol). I can't wait for this new contest to start, good luck to everyone!



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