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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Don't Cut Back and Still SAVE! Spa Trips

In our first post the other day, I calculated that women spend WAY too much money on things we deem necessary, but can't really afford.  I love pampering just as much as the next girl, but if you are going to be frugal and fabulous, some things need a little tweaking.  Notice, I didn't leave out the word FABULOUS!  We aren't cutting back.  If anything, we are going to add to your luxury.  you can make every day at your house a trip to the spa.

Here's what we calculated that many of us ladies get done, and how much it costs!

Spa Trip:
- Body Wrap- $100
- Massage- $50
- Facial- $50
Total:  $200

I don't know about y'all, but when I go somewhere that's supposed to be relaxing, and it comes at this price tag, all I can think about the whole time is how much cash I'm bleeding out...sometimes to the point where I can't even fully relax.  So what's the point?

The joys of a body wrap or body treatment to me include- salt scrub, hydrating treatments, and atmosphere.  It's all about the candles, dim lighting, and good smells, and relaxing music.  These are all things that are totally doable to do at home.  If you want to do one of the treatments where they bind you up and you are supposed to temporarily lose inches, you may have to go to the spa for that.  But save that for special times, and do this in the meanwhile at home.

Start by prepping all of your things you need-
-Queen Helene Mint Julep Mud Mask - $4
- Cucumber Slices- $1
- Shower cap- $3
- Candles- $10
- Bath bomb- $2
- I-tunes downloads of relaxing music- $3
- Bathrobe fresh from dryer
- Neutrogena Body Oil- $8
- Any Salt Scrub- $10
- Pool floatie and blanket- $5
Most of these products will last several months, besides the cucumber- $46 initial investment, but about $5 for each time.

(If you need more ideas on moisturizing products, check out my body moisturizers post)

Shut the bathroom door, crank the I-tunes with your relaxing music, and enjoy taking a refreshing shower or bath with your shower cap on.  I'm less relaxed with my hair wet, because as soon as I'm out I feel like drying it which takes away some of my zen.  Enjoy your salt scrub, and any other moisturizing bath products you have.  If you prefer taking a bath, you might like using a bath bomb.  Light the candles and create your zen atmosphere.  When you're done with your bath, towel off, use some bath oil, and put on your warm robe.  This is when I like to apply my mud mask and my cucumbers, and lay down on the bathroom floor with the candles still going.  Sometimes I doze off but it feels so good just to turn your brain off and relax.  Oh yeah- cover your pool floatie with the blanket so you don't have to lay directly on the floor.  A little different than the spa, but still so relaxing!

If I had a bath tub like that, I'd never need a spa!

For your massage- you might still want to invest in one because they have many health benefits, but see if there's a local massage school around you and ask for a student who has a lot of experience and is near graduation.  Most times, if you purchase a few massages up front, you end up with some kind of discount, or a free massage after the purchase of 5.  Definitely worth checking into!
Average price of massages after figuring in a free one every few months- $40 

Facial- this is probably my favorite ever tip I've received from anyone.  I learned this when I was sick with a horrible sinus infection, but it works any time. For this, all you need is:
- a pot of boiling water
- a trivet or some pot holders
- a towel
- a knife
- Vick's Vapor Rub- $5
- your everyday moisturizer

Boil water on the stove, and bring it back to the table.  Set the pot on a trivet or some pot holders.  Using your finger, apply Vick's Vapor Rub on the knife, and balance it across the length of the pot.  Take the towel, and put it over your head, and over the pot, so you are able to get a lot of steam to your face.  Breathe in and out, and enjoy!

This is honestly one of the most amazing facial experiences I've ever had.  It's a treat for your face and for your sinuses.  It really opens your pores and lets all the gunk out.  Your face is left soft and supple!  Apply your favorite moisturizer when you are done.
Cost- $5

We were able to bring the total cost of spa visits from $200 to $50!  

Yours in Beautiful Savings,

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