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Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't Cut Back and Still SAVE- Shopping Trips

Hello ladies!  This category is one of the most difficult to save money at because it's a straight up hobby for most of us.  It's fun, flashy, and fantastic, and makes me feel human on a dreary day.  A brand new sparkly pair of shoes, earrings, dress, eyeshadow....doesn't matter!  I want it.  Now.

That said, if you put a little bit of thought into this it's not THAT hard to save a little.  Some months, I'm not gonna lie, I totally splurge in this topic, and far more than I admitted on this report.  I'm sure you do too.  But a little common sense and willpower gets you a long ways.

Let's analyze, shall we?

Shopping Trips:
- New heels- $50
- New makeup- $100
- New party dress- $60
- Black cardigan for work- $50
- Birthday gift for boyfriend- $100
Total:  $360

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  I have so many pairs.  The best way to deal with this topic is to limit yourself to buying pairs that are life changing, and not just sale pairs.  Sometimes, I'll see a great sale and I'll feel like I need a shoe because it was once $75 and now it's $15.  But it's not that cute.  Save your money for shoes that you truly feel could change your life.  Are they so phenomenal that they'd be the centerpiece of your outfit?  Are they so practical that you can think of 10 outfits off the top of your head that you are going to wear them with?  Are they $100 but so comfortable it's like stepping on a cloud?  Ok. I'm not going to tell you no.  Just make sure not to invest in another pair of shoes simply because "they were on sale."  If you want to look into shoe societies, that can be fun too. is a great place to shop for shoes if you want to pace yourself.  You can get 1 (or more) a month sent to your house and the price sitewide is just $39.99.  Not bad!  Remember to always use a coupon though, and if you don't have one, ASK!
I'm only taking $5 off because although you don't need to cut back, you can always find a good coupon! $45

New makeup and other beauty products is a place where it's super easy to save and you may end up happier in the end for having saved.  There are many drugstore brands that I have turned to because the department store equivalent just wasn't living up to the standards I needed.  A couple switches I've made- Estee Lauder bronzer is $45, but I like Rimmel bronzer in Sun Dance and Sun Light ($3) MUCH better.  Lancome Artliner for eyes is great but at $29.50 I like Milani's Infinite Liquid Liner ($6) at least as much if not better.

On top of switching brands, it's so easy to find a great coupon online. Check out or for sweet deals and savings. Dermstore regularly does $10 off a $30 purchase if you can get referred by somebody (not hard- I'll refer you, just leave your email in the comments) and to my knowledge, Spalook ALWAYS has $50 off a $150 purchase. Sounds like an extreme amount of money to spend, but just save your purchases for one big transaction rather than spacing it out. Hautelook, LittleBlackBag, QVC, and HSN all have fantastic deals on makeup frequently. It can get addicting to buy, and products have an expiration date, so don't get more than a couple new things a month or they'll never get used up. Buying a set of multiple items can be a tad pricier, but when you buy in a bundle you get way more product either the same or a little more money.

I can safely say even an addict like me can bring their makeup budget down to $75 a month just using coupons online alone! Even if you don't want to switch to the cheap stuff. If you're into drugstore brands, you can bring it down WAY lower- just check some of Jessica's drugstore hauls.

It's always fun to have a new party outfit.  If you like to shop at the mall, always search the clearance rack first, then check the other racks.  Sometimes you'll find something on clearance that you love at least as much as the regular priced items.  Regardless, ALWAYS ASK FOR A DISCOUNT.  There is always the ability to lower the price on an item, regardless if it's advertised.  Macy's has coupons regularly for up to 20% off, or you can open a card and usually always save that much or more just by using it.  JC Penney is the same way.  Express always has coupons for a dollar amount off, you just have to ask.  If you don't ask for a coupon, you're not being a smart shopper.  Period.
That said, a new party outfit marked at $60 can be easily be taken down to $45.

Staple clothing items like a black cardigan need to be replaced from time to time, and it's not shameful to spend $50 on one.  In fact, I encourage splurging on staple items like this rather than trying to save.  If you buy a cardigan for $20 at Wet Seal it may last for a couple months, but it would be better worth your hard earned money to just spend $50 on a really nice one that will last 2 years.  Always ask for a coupon to save at least a couple bucks.
Coupons can easily bring even a really expensive cardigan down to $45

Birthday gifts are a tough place to truly save. You don't want to jip the special guy in your life!  Rather than get a material gift, plan an overnight getaway.  If you can find a hotel on that serves continental breakfast, you may be able to plan a once in a lifetime romantic trip for $80.  I know it's not a gift most people think of, but being creative and different is fun!
$80 birthday gift.

We brought our bill from $360 to $290!  

Obviously, this is just an example of some shopping trips that might come up within a month or so.  It's not your boyfriend's birthday every month, and you don't need a new sweater for work every month.  You don't have to cut back, just think a little before swiping your card.  The bottom line is you can always get a discount.

You don't need to cut back- just think if you're actually going to use or need something.  If you have 10 pairs of black flats, do you need an 11th pair?  Maybe if they're gorgeous and perfect and super comfy, the answer is yes.  But if you're buying them simply because they're a good deal and they're just going to sit in your closet until another pair wears out....not necessary.  And that's not cutting back, that's just being a savvy shopper!  Why waste money on something that's going to just sit there and not get used?

Yours in Savvy Shopping,

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  1. Amazing amazing tips! I am really trying to be better with money, but I love shopping, so this post is definitely useful. Thank you!



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