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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't Cut Back and Still SAVE! Health & Fitness

Hello fit and fab ladies!  Today I'm going to talk to you about how you can cut back and save on health and fitness!  Keep in mind this is very important, probably more important than any other topic we could talk about.  I'm not recommending you cancel your gym membership, or do other workouts besides what your physician or trainer has recommended for you.  If you are doing super awesome at the gym, you shouldn't change a thing!  These are just suggestions.  And you should know that this is the one place I don't EVER cut back.  This is always on my SPLURGE list.  Because for me, it's not worth cutting corners on this one.  That's not to say I'm super in shape by any stretch of the imagination, but when I get in the groove of something that works, it's just not worth messing with.  I'm very unmotivated by the gym, so if I've found a way to get myself there, I better not touch it!

Here's what we have calculated:

Health & Fitness:
- Gym Membership- $50
- Personal Trainer- $60
Total:  $110

This is going to be a short post because it's not for everyone, but I still have some tips!

1.  See if you can get a bundle pack where your personal trainer is included in your membership.  I have just joined a new gym, which has the most expensive membership of anywhere I've ever been.  It's worth it to me because I get 2 personal training sessions, plus unlimited use of the facility and all the classes they offer by professional trainers, all for the cost of what 2 personal training sessions would cost.  Might be too much for some people, might be perfect for others.  It's all up to you!

2.  Do you really need a personal trainer?  Maybe you've been going to the gym long enough that you don't really need the extra help.  Otherwise, see if you can get a group rate by going with 3-4 girlfriends.  That way you can split the cost!

3.  This time of year it's so beautiful out, that it might be worth checking if you can freeze your membership.  Normally, facilities will let you freeze your account for up to a few months out of the year at either no or low cost to you.  You may be able to get more enjoyment out of a workout if you bring it outside this time of year.  Run a few laps around your neighborhood, take a hike, or jump rope outside.  The opportunities for getting in shape or staying in shape outside are endless when it's nice out.

4.  Check to see if your apartment offers workout facilities for free.  Jessica's apartment has a nice little workout facility available for tenant use.

5.  See if your workplace offers a discount on gym memberships.  If they don't, maybe your health insurance will pick up some of the tab.  People who are physically active tend to get sick less often, making it appealing to your work place to offer you a discount on your gym membership.  If you are self employed, your options for discounts in this area may be more limited, but don't give up!  Look at multiple gyms in the area, and some of them might have a self employment discount.

6.  See if your gym offers a lower rate for different income levels.  If you struggle to pay bills, paying anything for a gym membership is probably a struggle too.  Hitting the gym is so helpful when it comes to burning off stress or taking your mind off your financial situation, so try hard to find a way to afford your membership.  YMCA's are really great about offering lower priced memberships to people who need it.  Don't be afraid to ask!

7.  Supplement your workout with some DVD's from the store.  Some of my favorites are Yoga Booty Ballet, Jillian Michaels, and 8 Minute Abs.  That last one is an oldie but a goodie!  These are perfect options for those of you who may not have a membership somewhere but still want to do something active at home.  Or perfect for if you froze your gym membership to work out outdoors, and now it's raining!

So what does health and fitness have to do with a beauty blog?  Everything! If you feel healthy on the inside, you will be glowing on the outside.  Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes so that's not the issue.  But being active will improve your mind and body, and your skin!  It's one of the best ways to achieve that glowy complexion we're always after.

Since there are so many ways to save, I'm going to just approximate that we can shave half off of this one- putting us at $55.

Yours in healthy choices,

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  1. I agree that is a necessity to keep our gym memberships. i feel its essential to my health and beauty. i look better, feel stronger and am more beauitful inside and out when i work out on a regualr basis. i did ask about income level vs. membership rates at my gym when my membership was due and they gave me a great rate including personal training sessions and all the classes. it pays to ask questions. i also walk in my neighborhood once a day for an hour and do dvd's at home. lOl as i also do the old 8 minute abs routine. Another great way to get in shape is to buy a mimi stepper (25!) at your local sporting goods store and park it in front of your TV. You will do 500 steps before you know it and it keeps your bum in amazing shape. i love mine and use it all the time.It reads calories, time, miles for you to calculate your distance. its small and easy to move around. does not take up much space and fits under a bed. Makes a tredmill look so silly and wasteful, its exactly the same without the coat and without a incline but who cares, it works.
    My butt has never looked better! Thanks for a fun blog keep up the fun and helpful articles.



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