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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't Cut Back and Still SAVE! Going Out

Hello Ladies!
Today is the last day in our savings series!  Today I'm going to cover the cost of going out and how you can bring it way down, plus have way more fun.  Going out can be so pricey and it's not something you want to cut completely out of your life, or even cut back on!  We love to hang out with our girlfriends and getting them on board with this plan will help you to save even more!

Here's how much we calculated this to cost in a about a month, give or take.  Keep in mind, that all the prices of everything we have covered so far are just rough estimates.  My gym costs from a few days ago are charged to me monthly, but my salon maintenance costs are in a 6-8 week time frame.  So this is not a rigid calculation, it's just a little guesstimating.

Going Out:
- Drinks on the town- $35
- Out for lunch 3 days a week this month- $100
- Dinner with the girls once a weekend- $75
Total:  $210

I'm not gonna lie, looking at those figures, I can guarantee I have spend WAY more on some of those things this month alone.  It happens.  But I can help!  As with any money saving technique, you just have to strap your thinking cap on and make a good choice.

Going out for lunch is the easiest to nix- simply pack a lunch.  But...that's the opposite of what I promised you, because that's cutting back, or cutting out, and we don't want to do that!  We still want to get out there and have fun!  Here are a few ideas I have:

1.  If you work in an office, instate a weekly office potluck lunch.  Do a signup sheet, and even if only 3-4 of your office mates are on board, that's plenty.  Bring easy to please sides, or even chips and salsa.  You can make your own Chex Mix, or do easy brownies.  The best part about this, is even if you're a crummy cook, someone else in the office is bound to have spent some time and effort on something yummy to bring in.  You can get in some gossip time with your office mates, and have a yummy lunch together and put in minimal effort.

2.  If you go to a sub shop, get their special- Subway has $5 foot longs.  It's always a great buy to buy the footlong, and wrap the other half to go- BOOM, supper later.  Doesn't get much more thrifty than that.  Nix the sides and get a water to save even more.

3.  Rather than getting a huge sit down meal for lunch, order the side salad.  Sometimes they come with a bread basket which can fill you up even more.  You might find that a light lunch of a small salad will fill you up enough to get you through the rest of your workday, plus you will save money by not getting the hearty meaty entrees.

Weekly potluck contribution- $20
Sub Special once a week- $20
Side salad once a week- $20

Drinks on the town and dinners out are super easy.  You can get lighter fare like you did with the side salad at lunch, or go a different route.

Take turns hosting a pre-party with your girlfriends at their houses.  Whomever is hosting provides dinner and everyone else BYOB.  A really easy dinner doesn't have to break the bank.  Noodles, with alfredo sauce and cheese, breadsticks, and a side salad could feed 5 people and cost $15.  That's the price of one entree at a restaurant and you're feeding all your friends!  Take turns hosting and get a little tipsy before going out so you don't feel you have to indulge as much once you are out on the town.  Just remember to take a safe ride downtown!

Another idea is to eat family style when you go out.  Pizza joints are great for this.  Between you and 3-4 girlfriends, you could probably polish off a family size pizza.  Split between a few friends, it's a cheap price per person!  Or, sit by a friend at the restaurant and split an entree with her.  Often times dinner entrees are so big that they can perfectly fill up 2 people- and then you can split the bill!  Italian restaurants often offer family style dining too, where a table of people orders several appetizers or dishes and everyone helps themselves.  It's a fun way to dine and save!

Hosting dinner and drinks for a pre-party- $30
Family style dining- $10 

Drinks are easy to save on if you don't mind where you go.  Keep an eye on drink specials.  Especially if you start drinking before you go out at a pre-party, you don't need to have as many while you're out on the town.  Look for 2 for 1 deals or get the special of the night.  This bill can easily be slashed in half!
Drinks on the town- $17

We just brought our bill from $210 to $117

Wahoo!!  That's the end of our savings series for now.  Make sure to share if you have any other special ideas!  Some of these ideas have really saved my wallet!

Now...what do buy with all the money I saved....

Yours in Savings,


  1. Thanks! It's not hard to cut back if you just think a little about how you can tweak what you already do!

  2. really good ideas but wow you were spending so much! Here in California we choose excercise as walking, hiking, surfing, walking on the beach by our houses or meeting at the gyms. We do not usually eat in restaurnts as its to expensive and the food is bad. We are all organic vegatarians and like to eat well and healthy so restaurnts are not interesting to us. We do the potluck thing once a month but usully my friends and I choose outdoor excercise or a matinee movie if we want. Not to fond of the coffee house prices we skip that and stick to water. We get together on the weekends and thrift shop together which is so much fun but we set our own limits before we go and help each other stay on budget. Doing crafts, or teaching each other a skill such as knitting, crochet etc is fun way to share time and not spend money. We are all about being thrifty. We also bookclub and that is a great way to spend time with your girlfriends and learn something new without spending.

  3. Lexie- wow that is great! We're from WI and I currently live in WA. In WI, most of our friends are really into the bar scene and love to go out and party a lot, love to shop a lot (our few thrift stores are really pathetic and low quality) and do other non-outdoor activities, which can be super fun, but also unhealthy and pretty draining on the wallet. In WI the weather is pretty unpredictable, but it's cold, snowy, and generally unpleasant to be outside from Octoberish- April/May depending. This year it's been pretty warm so that would be the exception. With such crappy winter weather for so many months you have learn to entertain yourself indoors. We have a lot of great restaurants too (unfortunately) so it can be really tempting to go out to eat since a lot of the food is really tasty. It's great that you are on the same page with your friends being vegetarians, and liking the same foods, activities, and keeping each other on budget. It would be so great to have a group of friends who were that like minded! It is unique and hard to find so I hope you know how lucky you are!!



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