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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cate Blanchett Photshop Free Cover

I am extremely supportive of any actress or celebrity that is brave enough to do a cover or ad where they are not photoshopped. With all the pressure they are under, it is definitely a bold move. Cate Blanchett has followed in the footsteps of other strong female celebrities like Kate Winslet.

We have blogged about this previously here.

It also intrigues me because Cate Blanchett is the spokeswoman for SK-II skincare and she looks flawless and radiant in their ads. I think she looks pretty dam good photo-shop free as well. But is that false advertising then? What message does it send to women when they see an ad for skincare with a 42 year old actress looking absolutely wrinkle free and flawless. Is it just sending us the message that we need to buy that product, or is it sending a more harmful message? I will leave that for you to ponder and decide.

Still, kudos to Cate Blanchett. Not only am I a huge fan, especially of her role in Lord of the Rings as Galadriel, this definitely makes me respect her more and she still looks absolutely beautiful.

Marie Claire had tried this in 2010 with a non-photoshopped Jessica Simpson and it was their worst selling issue of the year, which was shocking and saddening. The industry is also consumer driven and apparently consumers don't want to really see their celebrities as real people. 

And remember this controversy from Ralph Lauren?

Well, apparently he has not learned his lesson and another ad has surfaced with a woman that has one teeny tiny arm. This was discovered by and also reported on
You have to look very closely. I probably never would've spotted this but for

Really? Really? Is that a twig or an arm?

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