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Monday, March 12, 2012

Birchbox March 2012

Even though I opted in to the Teen Vogue Birchbox, here is the crappy box I was sent instead :) And yes, I have a very dry sarcastic humor.


  1. I still think that is so unfair, especially when you put into context, that the teen vogue boxes had TWO full size products. And actually quality, exciting, fun full-size products. It's so unfair that BB ripped you off this month. The least they could do is give you 100 BB points to make up for the $10 you wasted this month, and let you buy something of your choosing in the store. I'm really disappointed with their generic customer service response "we found a box that better suited you".

  2. I was reading other blogs, and someone said that if you've ever received a product in a birchbox that was in the teen vogue box, that would be the reason you didn't get it. For example, if you got an essie nailpolish at some point, that would disqualify you for the entire box. I agree, it's totally unfair. Last month, I got all horrible and tiny samples, and you got a beauty blender. I felt so screwed last month! The shitty thing about birchbox is that they're inconsistent. I am either super thrilled with a few things in my box, or I hate everything. Last month, I got several tiny foil packets of skincare, and a horrid perfume. Yikes. Better luck next month! -Justina

  3. I've never gotten anything that was in the teen box though. -Jessica



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