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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best Drugstore Items

I had been posting more recently on some of my fave high end products, so I decided to switch gears and focus this post on the best items you can purchase from the drugstore. These are based on a multitude of factors including price, product amount, color payoff, results seen, staying power, availability, ease of use etc.

1. Best Lotion
Eucerin Lotion $3-10 range
Eucerin is a great brand of lotion to take care of any dry skin. I have been using the body lotion, hand lotion and the Aquafor by Eucerin lotions. I have a dry patch of skin right under my lips that would just NOT go away. I tried everything. The BABOR scrub definitely helped, but I've been applying the Aquaphor for one week and it is almost gone! There are so many options in the Eucerin lotion line for every type of problem and skin type.

2. Best Fake Lashes
Ardell False Lashes $2-5 range
Ardell is one of the best false lash brands you can buy at the drugstore. Whenever I see a sale or these on clearance at Walgreens or Woodsmans Grocery Store, I am sure to stock up!

3. Best Fake Lash Glue
DUO Eyelash Adhesive, $5 range

Your lashes will not budge when applied with the DUO adhesive. This is easy to apply, comes in white or dark, and is affordable. When I use the white/clear, I top the lash with some liquid liner, but this will dry clear. This is also waterproof, so perfect for wedding or other special occasions where you may be shedding some tears!

4. Best Finishing Powder
Physician's Formula Organic Wear, $12 range or Palladio Rice Powder (found at Sally's Beauty), $5 range

Both of these are excellent finishing powders which you apply to set your foundation. Both are light weight and will leave your face with the perfect finishing touch. The Rice Powder has a slight scent, which I don't find irritating at all. I don't remember the Organic Wear having a scent. The Rice powder is especially great for those concerned with oil or shine issues. They also sell rice powder papers. I highly recommend both of these, otherwise you can check out Airspun powder but I would highly recommend the unscented version (I've only seen this version at Kmart).

The downside to both of these is the packaging. The Rice Powder has a square top whereas most powders have rounded tops to fit your brushes perfectly. The top also is loose and there is no way to lock the cap on tight. I usually wrap a hair tie around this when traveling and I haven't had any spills. The Organic Wear is messier because it is loose powder and there really isn't a great option to apply this, so it may get all over the place. I just pick up the excess with my brush! Regardless, both will last you a long long time.

5. Best Brushes
Eco tools $6-15
I've blogged about these a lot, but Eco tools are such a great drugstore brand of makeup brushes. These aren't necessarily cheap still, but compared to a lot of high end brushes, I think they get the job done really well for their price. They have adorable packaging, use sustainable ingredients, and you can save by buying these in sets. I'm also lovin' on some Kirkland brushes (costco brand) that I got recently, especially the fluffy powder brush and eyeshadow blending brush that came with the 10 piece kit. 

6. Best Hair Dye
Revlon Color Silk $3-6 range
I've only used this twice now, but I'm highly impressed with Revlon Hair Dye. I just recently dyed my hair "Brown Black" and am loving it. These also seem to be the cheapest hair dyes. These were on sale so I got mine for $2.99, but they usually retail around $5. That's quite a savings from going to the salon! I just recently blogged about this as well and I would recommend trying this out if you are dying your hair close to your natural brown shade or going a shade or two lighter or darker. You really can't go wrong! I'm not sure how these dyes are for blonder shades. The time before I used the "Deep Rich Brown" shade. 
I have been getting my hair done at a salon since I was about 16, but I have dabbled with hair dyes over the years including trying dye from Sally's Beauty, L'oreal Feria (also like), L'oreal Excellence Creme, Clairol and Just for Men mustache (just checking to see if you're still paying attention!) 
Brown Black
I find this gives your hair really long lasting color and applies very evenly. This formula is ammonia free and doesn't have an overwhelming scent. My hair has been really soft after using this as well. I'm kind of obsessed with my hair right now....not gonna lie :) 

7. Best Face Scrub 
St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub, $4 range
I use face scrubs sparingly because I do have somewhat sensitive skin, but I really enjoy this scrub and I notice the results after using this. You can apply this gently or a get a little more intense with this depending on your exfoliating needs. This has a great texture, consistency, and smell. 

8. Best Lip Balm
EOS Lip Balm $2 range

These little puppies come in the cutest egg shaped containers and come in a lot of yummy scents. I keep this in my purse and apply this several times throughout the day and it has been getting me through the winter this year! I love the Summer Fruit and Lemon flavored balms.

9. Best Conditioner
Herbal Essences $4 range
I go back and forth between conditioners and usually am using TIGI products, however Herbal Essences always will have a dear spot in my heart. I often go back to this product line and have used the totally tousled products, totally twisted/curly products, straightening products, colored hair products, hello hydration/moisturizing products, etc. I can't think of all the names of the lines off hand, but I've pretty much tried them all. I have also tried many many many other drugstore brands of conditioners, shampoos, and styling products, but this will always be my favorite. These smell amazing and always remain really reasonably priced. Oh, and I always have an exciting shower experience with these...wait....was that me or did I see that somewhere? :)

10. Best Lipstick 
Revlon Colorburst
I have probably close to 10 of these because whenever I see these on sale, I immediately grab them all up. I love the Mauve and Peach colors the best right now. My other fave drugstore lipstick is Maybelline Colorburst, but I find these Revlon ones to be much longer lasting. Since I usually buy these on sale, I'm not necessarily picking because of the color, but more so because of the price. I haven't bought 1 shade that does not look good on me which is pretty remarkable. I also find these to be highly moisturizing. I just love these! Check Kmart for frequent sales. Of course there are the Revlon Lip Butters which I enjoy and have several of as well. However, I didn't list them as the best because they do not have the same staying power as the regular Colorburst lipsticks do, and these still have a hydrating feeling to them. 

11. Best Eyeshadow
L'oreal Infallible in Bronzed Taupe $7 range

This is the easiest eyeshadow to apply! i think the Bronzed Taupe color is flattering on most people as well. If you are newer to makeup, this is hands down the eyeshadow I would recommend. All you have to do is swipe your finger in the container and transfer it to your lids. You can build up the color, it is long lasting, highly pigmented, creamy, and has a great sheen to it. This is also easily blendable with pretty much any other color. I do blend this with my other Infallible shadows as I have probably 5 of them, but this plays well with any shadow. I was disappointed by the purple shadow in this line, but other than that, I love them all!

12. Best Mascara 
L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black $6 range
This stuff is amazing! Justina and I have blogged about this over and over and over! Mascara preferences are very personal, however, we both absolutely love this. I usually either reach for Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes, or this. I use this when I want a little bit more dramatic lashes. I actually just recommended this to my mom as well and so I will have to check in on her and see how she is liking it. 

13. Best Foundation
Neutrogena Healthy Skin, $11-14 range

I know this is quite pricey for a drugstore item, but your skin will thank you. This stuff melts right into my skin, has a perfect medium (to light) coverage to hide what I want to hide and showcase what I want to showcase. I love the consistency of this product and my skin suffered no irritation. I have normal to dry skin. I did read some reviews that oily prone skin users did not like this foundation, just FYI. I was on a quest to find Estee Lauder Double Wear Light at the Cosmetics Company (discount cosmetics Estee Lauder brands), but hadn't tracked it down yet since their foundation is so expensive. However, after purchasing this I don't feel that desire as I feel these foundations are incredibly similar, except that Estee Lauder is $34 compared to $14. Neutrogena does have sales sometimes at Walgreens and I have found coupons as well. Good luck finding an Estee Lauder coupon! This is on sale on for $11. 

Neutrogena is kind of like Physician's Formula to me where I pretty much love everything in their line, but overall they are more on the expensive end for drugstore brands. That is where my stalking of stores and bargain shopping comes in! 

14. Best Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise $7 range

I was a total mess at liquid liner before this puppy came along. I know there are other felt applicator alternatives, but I am newer to liquid liner and so this is one of the few I've tried. I still highly highly recommend this to any newbies like myself. The applicator on this is perfection (with the exception of some minor fraying of the tip). You can get such a perfect even line on your upper lash line with this. It is so easy to create a winged effect as well. You can use the side of the pen to create a thicker line or the point to create a very subtle fine line. This stuff stays!!!! I will say it is even hard to get off with some makeup remover. But I don't care, this is a lifesaver!!!

15. Best Acne Spot Treatment
University Medical AcneFree Terminator 10
I had compared this before to two other spot treatments including Clean and Clear and Neutrogena and found the best results with this line. I have purchased other products from this line and found them to be really great. If you're looking for a new Acne line, I would highly recommend checking out this brand. I've seen sales and coupons at Target for these as well.

16. Best Bronzer, $4 range
Rimmel Natural Bronzer Pressed Powder

This is the only thing on this list I haven't personally used, but Justina swears by these puppies and I think classified these as life changing, so I figured they deserved a nod. I also really like the Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearl Bronzers, but those will be more in the $13 range. Therefore, Rimmel wins this category! 

17. Best Blush
Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Skinny Dip, $6 range

Love, love, love, love!!! At first glance, this will look kind of scary because one side is a bright orange-ish color and the other is a tan bronzed color. You will think to yourself you will end up looking like a scary pumpkin lady, but not so my friends. This is hands down the most beautifully shocking color. This works well as a blush or applied lightly all over your face for a beautiful color and glow. I have blushes that range in the $20+ range and yet, I reach for this one more often. Hard Candy is owned by Urban decay. 

Another blush to try for newbies would be Maybelline bouncy blush. I usually end up blending different bouncy blushes together or topping with shadow, but if you really want a very subtle pretty blush, these are for you. These will not be dramatic blushes. 

Alright my lovelies, this ended up being a much longer posted than expected and it is 3:30am and time for bed...but one last comment:

If we were shopping right now and you asked me of this list what were the top items I would say you HAVE to have (although I love them all), here are my current must haves! 
1. L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
2. Hard Candy Fox in a Box Skinny Dip 
3. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Yours in Beauty and Great Drugstore Products, 


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  1. Wow I want to try all of these products now! I'll be on the lookout for some of these brands when they're on sale, I love seeing the posts about good drug-store brands, the high-end stuff is nice but this is what's affordable!



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