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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I'm currently crushin' on!

Hey all! I just wanted to share a few of my top crushes right now!!!

This is me after using the products mentioned below. Be kind, it is late! 

1. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Finally....a sample from my birchbox that I'm dying to buy the full size of! This is $38 full price and lucky me I have enough points to get a free $40 product! Plus, this ships free this month. This has really nice coverage for a tinted moisturizer and a good amount of color. This leaves a very nice glow and finish to it. Plus, I don't have a tinted moisturizer at the moment, so this put it in the  "necessity" category. :) I applied this today with my beauty blender I also got from Birchbox! I'm crushin' on my BB this month! :)

2. Physician's Formula ph matchmaker blush 

I'm loving the packaging and color to this new blush. It comes with a little mirror that actually lights up and it also comes with a brush applicator. I got the color in natural. There is another blush out in rose. I picked this up at Kmart for 40% off!!! I have found Physician's formula is one of the brands that have the loftiest claims about what their products can do. This claims to react to your light & your pH for your perfect blushing glow and instantly matches you in 60 seconds. I love love love how this blush looks on, but I don't know that I believe it has some magic pH balancing properties. With that being said, I've absolutely loved every physician's formula product I have bought. I rarely hit pan on a blush and I got this 40% off, but the packaging is quite large compared to the actual product you get. I paid around $8 for this.

I'm swatching this at different time intervals to see if the color is actually adjusting to my skin. I don't know that I can see much of a difference, but I will say you can get different looks from this one blush because it is buildable. If you're looking for a soft pinky peachy blush, this is a perfect one to try! I'm totally crushin' on this blush!

3. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Carnation
Today on clearance I found 4 amazing Revlon lip stick colors for $2 each, but they were all great colors. I found these at Kmart, which if you follow the blog, you know is the best place I've ever found cosmetic deals. I have a few other lipsticks from this line and so I know they are good quality. They usually retail between $8 and $9, so to get 4 for the price of 1 was a fantastic deal. I hope they're not discontinuing these colors!!
3rd swatch

4. Beauty Blender
I had been dying to try one of these beauty blender sponges for applying foundation. You wet the sponge and watch it expand and then ring the water out. You then put some foundation on your hand and dip the sponge into your foundation. Then apply this onto your face with the sponge in a rolling motion. My disclaimer is that I've only used this a couple times, but I am loving it so far. It allowed me to wear just a tinted moisturizer today! This retails for $25 for a 2 pack with a cleanser.

5. L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe
I have been using this nearly every day and I absolutely love it and the other colors from this line! This one is such an easy every day color and all it takes is to swipe your finger in the product and then swipe this on your eye. Probably the easiest eyeshadow to apply on this planet! And what a beautiful color!

So there we go, my top 5 current products I'm crushin' on. What are yours?

Stay tuned for part 2 of our 15 days of swatches. We have gotten behind as Justina is in a cross country move and I am buried in paperwork!

Yours in Beauty and crushin', 

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  1. The Beauty Blender looks so cool! I'm jealous of that!



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