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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updates and Eyeshadow Swatches

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately on the blog.  I just moved from my hometown in Wisconsin to a place about two hours east of Seattle, Washington. Quite the move!  In the last week I've moved out of and cleaned an entire apartment, packed a UHaul, driven for 4 straight days in said UHaul, stayed in 2 hotels, unpacked an entire UHaul, and had horrible morning sickness.

Oh yeah, did I mention I just found out I was pregnant?  I'm in my first trimester and this week I have battled stomach flu, acid reflux and more.  I have had things happening with my body I didn't even know were possible, and I'm not liking it!  But things will get better.

Anyways, I had promised on Facebook that we would resume with the eyeshadow swatches.  And I thought I stumbled across the box all my eyeshadows were in, and it was actually perfume.  It was labeled bathroom, so I just assumed it was my eyeshadows, because I had already unpacked 10+ boxes for my bathroom.  How much bathroom stuff can a person have?!!?  Apparently, a lot.

So anyways, my goal for today is to unearth all my makeup and get it organized and get those darn swatches posted!  Sorry if we've disappointed anybody with our (read: my) lateness.  If it makes you feel any better, my BeautyArmy, MyGlam, and Birchbox subscriptions of the month all got stuck in Wisconsin and I think were all returned to sender.  I will be lucky to ever get them!  :-( :-(

In the coming weeks, we have a lot to look forward to on our blog.  Jessica will be reviewing some products from Babor, Indie Lee and MyFace Cosmetics, and hopefully showing us an awesome new Lancome palette she scored from their Spring collection.  I have some great products from La Rocca, Cell Ceuticals and LTW Cosmetics I'm dying to review for you all.  I'm sure we'll have some FOTD posts in there too somewhere.  Just keep a look out!

Ok, off to find those eyeshadows!  In the meantime, here are some pictures from this week that you may enjoy!

 Ruckus enjoying an ice cream cone!  I was sick and couldn't finish it and he was happy to take over!

Our drive through Mulan, Idaho.  Beautiful mountains but scary small towns that haven't been updated since the 20s.  Vintage gas station signs and abandoned buildings were abounding!

 Ruckus found a new spot on the carpet!  

Ruckus fighting to keep his eyes open.  He has been super tired after all the new smells at our new place.

Peace, Love, and Searching for my Makeup,


  1. Awh what a sweetie he is!!! I bet he liked running through the empty new place! Miss you guys!


  2. congrats for your pregnancy!! your dog is sooo cute!! <3



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