InTruBeauty: To Cut or Not to Cut

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Cut or Not to Cut

I've reached that magical moment with my bangs where I need to either trim those puppies up or grow them out.  

What do you think?

Leave a comment- 
Trim them!
Grow them!

Yours in overgrown hair,


  1. Hmmm... you look really cute with bangs! But personally I've always preferred not having bangs. Maybe you should try growing them out and you can always change your mind if it gets too obnoxious dealing with overgrown bangs!

  2. Thanks J! I think I might go low maintenance for a while and grow them out! I might just boycott hair cuts altogether for a while because it's expensive here. Jessica agreed to dye my hair when she's here in April, then I'll get it done again when I'm home in June. Going the cheapo route for a while!



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