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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipsticks

In case you didn't see my posting yesterday, don't forget to enter for our Mini Giveaway.  It's super easy and you control how many entries you get- so winning is a breeze.

Just wanted to post and update you all on a few little things.  If you've been following us on Facebook, you know that I was selected as one of the Rimmel 10- YAY!  We view this is as a victory for our blog site since we both worked really really hard at it.  Jessica won't be appearing in any of the videos because it's against the rules, and sadly she won't be able to help film them since I moved!  I know she is just as excited as I am though for the excitement of the contest, trying new products before they hit stores, and the extra press our blog will get.

I wanted to share with you a few swatches of the lipsticks they sent me.  These lipsticks are from the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Collection.  You can read more about them here.  I took some swatches of these last night, since I was determining which one I would wear in my video I'm going to create.  Here they are!  Very shiny and creamy, but no shimmer!

 Shades 12, 08, 04

I really love the coral and nude shade, but the purple scares me a little.  When would it be practical to wear that?  It might be a better shade for darker skinned gals than light skinned ladies like me.  But I'll still give it a fair shot.  Anyways, on to how long lasting these are...I swatched them on my hand, and then I made dinner, and went about my business.  Later in the evening, I noticed that although a little smudged, the colors were still there!  In fact, I rubbed at them with my fingers, then washed my hands with hot soapy water, and the colors were still there!  It wasn't until I showered this morning that I was able to get all the remnants of these off my hand.  Pretty cool!  I love long wearing colors.

Here's a pointer for making any lipstick you have long wearing- 
1) Apply lipstick to your lips.
2) Blot with a kleenex
3)While holding the kleenex over your lips, use a kabuki and some powder and brush it over the kleenex
4)Swipe another coat of lipstick on.

This is a tried and true way to make any lipstick stay!  


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