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Thursday, February 23, 2012

myface cosmetics product reviews

 Myface Cosmetics: Makeup for the 21st Century

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1. Foundations ($34)
One of the things I was most impressed with from myface cosmetics is the different types of foundations they have for different skin tones along with the descriptions that come with. there are three categories: Fair, Medium, and Medium/Dark. The website gives specific details on each skin type and there are three different color selections per category. You can also shop for other cosmetics items based on your skin type. They assure you that all medium foundations will look good on any medium tone skin, so you really can't go wrong! My foundation color was Medium 01. (there is medium 02 and 03 too). I believe I could've gotten Fair 03 as well which has peach, pink and honey tones for a sun kissed glow (and probably better for my skin in winter). As long as you know some basic information about your skin type, you will be able to pick a foundation that works well for you.

Me in Medium 01

Website description: 
For medium skin that borders on being FAIR, typically tans but can sometimes burn and often has sallow undertones... MEDIUM 01 has rosy-pink undertones that counteract any sallowness in the skin, creating a warm, healthy glow while still looking and feeling like you are not wearing any make-up at all.

Picking the right color foundation is one of the hardest things for many of us to do, but the detailed descriptions on myface cosmetic's website makes this very easy for the customer. I also love that you can shop for other cosmetic products like blushes and lipsticks by skintone and they have specific group suggestions as well. For example, for each skintone they have "the natural woman combo" (nudes/neutrals), the "not so innocent combo" (earthy pinks) and the "red hot mama" combo (reds). You can purchase by grouping or you can purchase a product individually. In each category there is a lip pencil, 2 lipsticks, and 2 lip glosses. This REALLY takes the guess work out of finding colors that will really be the best on you, making you look your best. 

There is also a powder, concealer, and blush to match in each category. They may not have a huge color selection like some major brands, but the colors they do have are quite impressive.

Review: I like this foundation. It has a different feel and look than other foundations I have tried. It gives your skin a nice dewey finish, but I saw that by the end of the day, parts of my face, in particular, my chin tended to look a tad oily. I have normal skin, with a tendency to be on the dry side during winter. I would question how this would work on oily skin types. I like that the package controls the amount of product that comes out so you don't end up wasting product. I would say the coverage is light to medium. This covered imperfections and freckles, but still maintained a natural glow. This takes awhile to soak into your skin, much longer than other foundations I've tried. I think a finishing powder is a must. I use Palladio Rice Powder, Physician's Formula Organic Wear or ybf Complexion Perfection powder. 

2. Single Eyeshadows ($20)
Silver Screen and Bellbottom Blues

myface cosmetic's eyeshadows (for all skintones) are called blingtones. How fun is that name? They come in super sleek clear packaging and are bright glittery colors. If you're not careful though, you can end up with glitter on your face. You will be really surprised when you first swipe this with your hand and get a beautiful metallic looking swatch, but it doesn't seem to translate as easily to the eye without careful application.

To create a dramatic look: I applied the blue shade all over the lid,  lined my entire eye with the dark blue shade, including my lower lash line and inner corner of the eye along with black eyeliner. I lined the top lash line with myface liquid liner. Myface foundation used.

I would not recommend these for anyone who likes to stay on the safe side or tends to lean towards neutrals and matte shades. These are very bright shades and they are very glittery. These may be special occasion shadows only for some out there. I also would not recommend these for the makeup newbie. They are not the easiest of shadows to apply. But, if you like to play, if you like to experiment, and if you like to go bold, then give them a try! There are also matching nail polishes! And I LOVE to match in an unexpected way like that! There are of course some more toned down colors like the pink champagne color. I would suggest starting there for my newbies out there.

The end result was very pretty, but it took a lot of work and this can be messy. I first applied a layer dry with my fingers. I then used a flat liner brush to apply this product wet. I basically used small brush strokes as if I was painting it on. I applied black matte shadow in the outer V. I did have some issues blending this with other shadows. I tapped some of the silver on top of the matte black and on top of the blue shade. My eyes are very sensitive, but this made my eyes water where the product was applied in the outer V area.

Dark application, applied wet with myface liquid liner

Light dry application with myface liquid eyeliner 
(I applied too much liquid liner, but got better at it)

3. Liquid Eyeliner ($18)
I didn't like that the brush on this liquid liner didn't come to a more definitive point, this makes it harder to apply. This also took a while to dry and I got a lot more product on the brush at first than I had wanted to apply. With that being said, I am far from a liquid eyeliner pro. I don't wear it that often as my eyes like to water uncontrollably with certain makeup products (just ask Justina!) and I normally prefer the felt tip type liquid liners.
The brush tip is flat.

4. Nail Polish ($12)
Bellbottom blues

As mentioned before, Myface has nail polishes that match the color of their eyeshadows. I just applied this, so I will update on how long it lasts later. My first impression is that I love these. These have a highly metallic finish and vibrant color. These are also a good size for the price.

Overall, I think this is a great company for those that are looking for something different. If you're looking for a custom foundation or if you're just looking for some dramatic eyeshadows, I think you will really like these products. But if you are newer to makeup, I think you would find some of these products challenging and frustrating.

Yours in Beauty and bling, 


*These products were sent for review, that does not change our honest opinion*


  1. Excellent review, Jessica! I have sp"ice"y and will be getting purple haze in my next beauty army box, now I will know how to use them best! -Justina

  2. Interesting! I really like some of their nail polish shades but I don't know if I would want any of the coordinating eye shadows, it's a little too flashy for me but they still look beautiful! I definitely love the silver and blue look on you!!

  3. Also, their website doesn't seem to be working. I tried ordering a nail polish and every time I go to check out, it says my cart is empty. Add it again, says it's been put into my shopping cart, and I try to check out again, it says it's empty again. Anyone else having this problem?

  4. J-I did check on this and it did show up in my cart. Did you enter the # you wished to purchase before selecting for it to be put in your cart? The 25% comes off automatically. The coupon code didn't work for me, so I'm in contact with them again. Please let me know if you continue to have problems and I will contact them because you can get a polish for $9 plus a free eyeshadow and free shipping, so great deal!

  5. The shopping cart finally works correctly but the code they gave you does not! Have you been able to contact them about that? I'd really love to get the polish and the eye shadow, I probably wouldn't wear the eyeshadow myself because it looks a little tricky and too glittery for me but Megan would probably love it. Especially when I tell her it's a $20 shadow! I personally love the Black Ice polish! Gorgeous shimmery black color.

  6. I emailed them over the weekend, so haven't heard back yet, but I will get back to you when I hear, hopefully Monday. Its definitely a great deal once I get that code working!



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