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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My current nightly skincare routine

Your skincare routine will change depending on the problem areas you are having with your skin and how your skin reacts to the different seasons. It is currently a mild winter in Wisconsin. I have had the privilege to try a lot of new skincare products lately and I wanted to change what my current skincare routine was. Below is a picture of me after these products were applied, and makeup free! My skin has never looked better makeup free and I have been getting a ton of compliments lately on how great my skin looks!

First Step: Toner 
I use 100% Pure Brightening Tonique 
This literally smells like fresh cut oranges and lemons. I love applying this to my face in the day and at night. It is such a great scent to curl up to and it works wonderfully. I'm absolutely in love with this toner. This is an organic product, 100% natural and 100% Vegan and free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Some ingredients include: like bearberry, kojic acid, sake, fruit acids, licorice, vitamin c, lemon juice and strawberries. I can hands down say this is the purest most natural smelling product I have EVER used! Additional product information can be found at

Second Step: Face Mask

I apply a face mask approximately two times per week. The past couple weeks I have been using the MAD Skincare Environmental Detox face mask and I'm absolutely loving the results. I will switch this up with the MAD Skincare Brightening line mask as well. The brightening mask gives noticeable results in the morning. The best way I can explain it is that your face actually looks lighter. These products have helped to even out my skintone and problem areas. I applied the environmental detox face mask today. This helps provide your skin with a barrier against environmental pollutants and toxins that can otherwise prematurely age your skin. This does not contain parabens or chemical colorants.  You simply apply this mask over your skin for 5-10 minutes and then wipe off with tepid water. Additional product information can be found here

Step Three: Night time moisturizer

My current fave of the moment is MAD Skincare's Radiance Brightening Night Cream. This contains Vitamin C, Bearberry extract, mulberry extract, and emblica fruit extract. I can say one of my favorite things about MAD's moisturizers is that they are so light weight feeling. I haven't had any breakouts or irritations from these products and a little goes a long way! This does have a thicker cream consistency and yet still melts perfectly into my skin, leaving it refreshed and moisturized. This gives me the additional moisture my skin needs at night and this will not make your face feel greasy at all.

Step Four: Serum

Then I apply a spot serum which is MAD Skincare's Spot on Brightening Serum. Sometimes I will apply this all over my face depending on how my skin is looking. But lately, I have been using this more as a spot treatment to lighten up old acne scars or pesky red areas. This will basically lighten dark spots and give dull skin some radiance. I also love the consistency of this product. This has a nice light citrus scent to it as well.

Step Five: Eye Cream

My eyes are one of my biggest problem areas, or should I say the fine lines and dark areas in my eye area. I have been alternating two eye creams. The first is 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. My favorite thing about this product is the smell. I've written about this before and it smells like cherries, chocolate, and coffee. I love using this product with the 100% Pure Brightening Tonique for the best smelling skin ever! I think this helps the most with puffiness and tired looking eyes. This has the consistency of a light cream or lotion.

The second is MAD Skincare Environmental Eye Shield Defense Serum. The MAD product is slightly yellow and has the consistency of a gel like serum. I pat this lightly underneath my eye area. I have noticed my dark circles have appeared lighter. However, I have also noticed fine lines which my concealer likes to hole up in, no matter which concealer I use. I'm stilling working on the problem, but I don't know that I will ever wake up and think my under eye area looks good! 

Tonight I actually applied the 100% Pure cream and let it soak into the skin area and then dabbed on the MAD Skincare eye serum on top. 

MAD Skincare's website is Be sure to visit their website for more product information and check them out on facebook.

Left picture is a couple months ago before using any of these products and to the right is today. I've been using these products for months to a few weeks, depending on the product. But I've been using them all for long enough to see a noticeable difference and I attribute them all to getting these results. 


**My nightly routine does vary, but this pretty much sums up the majority of the products I have been 
using lately. I will be writing a review soon of some BABOR Organic products including an exfoliating scrub  along with some Indie Lee facial oils that have also been helping to make my skin look its best. I apply the Indie Lee oils right after my face is slightly wet from a shower in the morning or night. I've been using the BABOR Organic exfoliating scrub to work at some dry patches and use it as needed (it seems to have a mild peel effect, so I use this maybe two times per month-I don't mean my face peels afterwards, but that it has some of the qualities and sensations of a face feel). 
So stay tuned for those upcoming reviews.**

Yours in Beauty, and Night time skincare, 



  1. Wow great skin, very jealous! I need to start focusing more on my skin like you have been, your before/after look like 2 different people. Both beautiful, but one with way better looking skin!! Justina

  2. Your skin looks amazing! I've noticed a major difference since I've started experimenting with different products but I don't have a set routine yet. It's crazy the difference some of this stuff makes! I really want to try MAD Skincare!!!

  3. Thanks guys!!! I was getting ready for bed last night and realized my skin actually looked great without makeup on! I've been very lucky to try all these products. J-you should email MAD and see if they will send you some samples and tell them that we sent you! The pictures do look completely different, I think it also has to do with different angles and curly v straight hair, but my dark circles are much less and my skin looks much healthier.

  4. Great post, thanks for all the tips!



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