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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mini Giveaway!

Hello my pretties!

I was digging through my makeup arsenal just now and stumbled upon a never before used palette and thought, hmm, I should do a little giveaway!  First, the details on the cute palette, then I'll let you know how you can win it.

This is a Clinique palette- Specifically a Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo- Twilight Mauve and Brandied Plum.  There is also a Blush called Smoldering Plum.  Additionally, it comes with a sponge tip applicator and a mini blush brush.

Here is a picture- will you win?

Here are the rules for the giveaway- I will draw a winner when we reach 85 subscribers.  We are currently at 66.  This is not a random drawing- this is one in which you can easily be the winner and you can control the amount of entries you get.  

  • You need to refer a minimum of three people to subscribe to our blog
  • Those people need to respond on this post that they were referred by you- example:  "Jessica's Beauty referred me here"
For every three people who write that they were referred by you, you will receive an entry.  The nice thing is that this is for our loyal readers and they have the best chance of winning.  

It also pays to get additional people to subscribe- if 3 people say they are referred by you, you get 1 entry, but if you get more than 3 you get an additional entry for each person who is referred by you.

3 people= 1 entry
4 people= 2 entries
5 people= 3 entries

....and so on.

Once again, we will draw for a winner once we reach 85 subscribers.  And, if you've been following us, once we reach 100 we have a marvelous and enormous giveaway, where we will be finding new homes for $350 worth of makeup and skincare.  Can't beat it!

I think this will be a fun and competitive little giveaway.  What do you think?  I love this little palette for spring.  The colors are gorgeous and picture really doesn't do it justice.  It is perfect for throwing in your purse for those little touchups.

Now, go out there and recruit people for your favorite little beauty blog, and win this thing!!

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica.



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