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Friday, February 24, 2012

LTW Custom Cosmetics Review

I recently learned of a company called LTW Cosmetics when I was searching Facebook for new makeup companies.  I was so excited when I stumbled upon their site, because they seemed to be such an exciting product line- they have the most gorgeous packaging for their lipstick (you'll see!) and the cutest names for their products.  I knew I had to scoop some up to share with all our readers.  

I'll fill you in on some details of the company and what they have to offer since they're a newer company and you may not know already...if you've already looked them up on Facebook or you're already an obsessed fan of their products, just scroll down until you get to the good stuff.  You know what to do!  

But for some extra info:

They were doing a sale the week I received my order, where a purchase of six eyeshadow pans would earn you a free compact- a $35 value.  Rock on!  I am not sure if they will run that exact special again, but if you keep track of them on Facebook, you can stay tuned to all the great sales and deals they have going on at all times.  Unlike many companies, they seem to keep up their Facebook page frequently in order to answer any questions and to keep you posted on the latest and greatest happening with their company.  

A little information on their custom compact:  All shadows, blush, and brush on brow products are sold in pans that only go into this refillable magnetized compact.  This makes for no waste and you get what you want, also eliminates makeup bag clutter and hunting for your individual shadows.  Once again, it retails at $35.

My order came in a beautifully packaged box, with a bright ribbon.  The words on the ribbon- "Unleash your Secret Sexy."

When I opened the box, there was my order...6 eyeshadow pans, a compact, a lipstick, and a lipgloss.

Eyeshadow pans to fill the compact retail at $12 each.  I will try to capture on camera how beautiful these shades are when swatched. I got 6 pans so I could fill up my entire compact:

They came in these little single packages, which you could keep them in if you didn't have a compact!
The shades:
Rumble, Sunset Strip, Cat Fight, Illegal, Brown Derby, Promiscuous

Top left column:
Cat Fight- rich, deep purple with multidimensional pearl
Rumble- dark, pine green shadow with gold sparkle
Sunset Strip- black shadow with silver, pink, and blue sparkles (I can only see the silver)
Top right column:
Ilegal- high frost light cream tone highlighter shadow
Promiscuous- plum shadow with high gold sparkle and pearl
Brown Derby- plum brown with pink, silver, and plum pearl
top to bottom:
Illegal, Promiscuous, Brown Derby, Cat Fight, Rumble, Sunset Strip

Illegal and Promiscuous

Brown Derby and Cat Fight 

Cat Fight, Rumble, Sunset Strip

 Illegal on the lid!

Doesn't this shade make a great highlighter?  I love it!

 Rumble is such a gorgeous shade!

Rumble tucked into the crease!  

Cat Fight is one of my favorite new shades- it's a matte purple color and looks wonderful if you put it on the outer V of your eyelid.   

The whole look comes together when you add liner and mascara!  

Then comes lipstick and lipgloss.  I have tried a lot of makeup, and let me tell you I've never seen anything like the beauty in this packaging.  What they offer your lips is unparalelled to any other products in the industry.  Here is why- for a little bit extra you can customize their lip products to your specifications.

Lip Plumper- $2  
They actually did studies that it improved volume, hydration, softness, lip condition, and more to lips in a 29 day trial- cool!!!

Multi Floral Complex- $1 
 Anti-aging, skin nourishing, collagen protector and booster, free radical fighter that increases skin immunity, helps seal in moisture, anti-inflammatory, rich in skin minerals.

 Sunscreen- $1
 Paraben Free, adds SPF up to 14, and non-irritating. 

Flavors & Essences- $1 each
Can be added to custom blend lipstick and gloss.  

There are 11 unique flavors and 6 essences to choose from, as well as 15 combinations!  All are listed on their website here.

I dare you to find any line that offers that many unique possibilities all in a little tube of lipstick, and especially at that price point.  How many times have you put on one of your favorite lipstick shades and secretly wished it didn't smell like fruit punch?  Now you have the option to select your own flavor and scent.  You can't beat it!

The shade I chose in lipstick is from their Ready To Wear Line- and the lipstick is called Bitch and retails for $20. It comes in the cutest lipstick tube that I can't WAIT to carry with me everywhere.  The Ready to Wear line cannot be customized with flavors, or other additives.  But they are perfect on their own! Look at this little beauty!  I should add that they make it super easy to select a lip stick shade because they separate them by category of color- mine was found on the warm pinks/peaches page.  

woops, upside down, but you get the picture!

 Bitch lipstick- the name cracks me up!

After adding Porn Star lip gloss on top

I couldn't resist picking up a custom blend lip gloss though, because I absolutely needed to try some of this irresistible additive stuff that I've never seen before.  My lip gloss is called Porn Star (hilarious name right?)  I was so excited to try the pink champagne flavor and multi-floral complex. It is a patent leather custom gloss so that means shine shine shine!  I'm so excited to improve my lip health while I treat my lips to a flavor like strawberries floating in champagne- divine!  These retail at $22.  

A Few Other Cool Things You Should Know:

Something else you should know is the do the coolest service ever for their customers- They offer custom color matching and custom created shades.  Let me explain why this is the raddest thing you've ever heard of.  Ever have the most beautiful pink silk shirt or bright red shoe but there's just not a lipstick out there that does it justice?  LTW to the rescue!  They literally create a custom match that is perfectly and exactly like your swatch or picture in every way.  They can also take your discontinued lipstick and recreate an exact color for you, so you never have to be without.  Plus, with the additives you can put in, you are really getting something better than ever before, because you can customize it to yourself.

What a great idea for a present for someone special in your life.  Not to mention the fact it comes in an adorable leopard print tube.  I think this would make an amazing gift for a bride or a best friend.  Create their ideal lipstick shade...nobody will have thought of that gift!

LTW is only available online at the moment.  Because it can be difficult to choose the best shade for you via the internet, you can try before you buy.  For 50 cents, they will send you a small slice of any lipstick or Creme Stix Foundations to try at home.  Check out the website here for more details.  

They also have a sales catalog at a 50% discount for products they are retiring.  It's called Ciao Bella and is choc full of great deals on beautiful products.  How cool!  

Ok, now on to my fabulous makeup review...

My apologies if that was a little long winded, but I haven't gotten so excited about a makeup line in a long time.  They offer so many unique possibilities within their line it's easy to get wrapped up in all they have to offer!  

I took a picture of the eyeshadow pans next to the packaging of another popular brand, Lancome.  I figure a lot of you know about the size of packaging those come in, so it should be easy to see how much BIGGER LTW offers their eyeshadow pans.  Surprisingly, they are far bigger and cheaper!  $12 each vs. $20 for the Lancome.  I really liked the shades in my palette.  There are several more on their website that are on my wish list now!  What I like best about the eyeshadow pans are that they don't have any fallout, but they are very easy to apply to the eyelid.  They are a powder, yet so creamy.  And once on your eyelid, it doesn't budge.

The colors were very nice.  I especially liked the matte purple shade.  This color as well as the black shimmery color are perfect for lining the eyes.  You just need an eyeliner brush, and you can go right over the line you created with your eyeliner.  They have many more exciting colors on their website to check out also.

Please note that I ALWAYS use an eye primer, and didn't test these without- so I'm not sure how they would've held up without.  I feel that it's a waste to use eye shadow if you're not going to prime and prepare your lids- it just helps the shadow stick better in my opinion, no matter what brand.  I also use a makeup setting spray when I am finished.

The lipstick was in the most gorgeous packaging- you really can't beat a leopard print packaging!  It is long wearing and stayed on my lips all day.  It certainly translates to the lips in a warm pink shade which I loved.  My only complaint about the lipstick is it wasn't super hydrating and you would likely need a balm underneath.  Just going over my lips with the color caused the stick to lean over to the edge of the tube.  It's not a big deal, and it still works great.  For $20 I feel the formula is average, but the lipstick is worth it for the packaging alone.

The lipgloss was my favorite part of the whole order.  I loved the additives, and they were so yummy to smell and to taste.  I would absolutely place an order to purchase one of these in the future.  For $22 you are certainly paying for the customization, but if you are one who is picky about your flavors and scents, it would be worth it for you.  The color I tried was sort of a milky purple, that did not look good on my lips alone, but looked great layered over lipstick.  I especially liked to wear it just in the center of my bottom lip to add a little shine that way.  Wearing it that way also conserves product so that my lipgloss lasts in the future.


I haven't seen these products outside of the internet since they're only available online right now.  In the future, I would love to see them partner up with some of the companies out there like Beauty Army and Birchbox to get a lot of people really into their brand.  It is definitely a company you would want to check out!  I will be taking advantage of their samples very soon!

Don't forget to "like" them on facebook and tell them TruBeautyGems sent you!

Yours in Beauty, Justina


  1. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but they sound really great!

  2. Great review Justina!!!! I love all their custom options. Truly unique and love that leopard packaging.

  3. inmyhansonshirt- they are fabulous! you should go on their site and get some samples- at 50 cents each you can't beat it!

  4. Wow what a cool brand! It's a little pricey but I love the idea of customizing your makeup!



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