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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Formspring Questions

Hey everyone!  I know we've said this before, but we have a Formspring account, and we'd love for you to ask any questions you might have and we would be happy to answer them for you!  If you're not familiar with Formspring, just check out the tabs on top of our page, and you'll understand.  You basically type questions to people, and they can answer them for you.  I was introduced to Formspring by blogger Emily Eddington- she finds it to be a very handy way to connect with her fans and answer lots of questions at once.  I scanned our questions and decided to write down a couple and answer them here.  There are so many questions about makeup!  If you have any more please feel free to leave them in the comments section, or check out our Formspring and ask there.  We'd be happy to answer any questions via Facebook as well.

1)  I'm only 14 and my parents don't want me to wear makeup.  Why is that and how can I get them to change their minds?

A:  14 is about the age a lot of girls start experimenting with makeup.  I think this scares parents because their daughter is growing up!  It probably also scares them because many girls your age pile on the black eyeliner and over do it.  At your age, the best way to wear makeup is minimally.  I suggest asking one of your parents (your mom, or another older woman in your older sister maybe?) to take you to a makeup counter in the mall to get a makeover.  These women are trained to do makeup and make it look great and age appropriate.  At your age, you might really like to wear a tinted moisturizer, a little blush or bronzer, a nude eyeshadow, a little mascara, and lipgloss.  It's a little more expensive to buy makeup at the mall, but matching foundation to your face at the drugstore is very difficult, and practically impossible if you are new to makeup.  Another thing they can set you up with at the mall is a skin care regimen that will work for you.  Makeup looks even better on clear skin.  That said, good luck!  I have a feeling that if your parents see you tastefully wearing makeup, they won't have a problem with it at all.

2) How do you know which products you can buy at the drugstore, and which products are best to be bought at a department store?

A:  There are a variety of products that are wonderful at both the drugstore and department store.  I prefer buying most of my products at the department store, but that's just a personal preference.  I find it's easier to match a foundation shade to my skin tone when I am at the mall where there are testers versus in the drugstore, where there normally aren't testers.  In general, if you are going to "skimp" on makeup, the easiest products to find cheaper and still at a high quality are mascara and lipgloss.

3) What's the best liquid liner?

A:  I have 3 favorite brands, and each are at a different price point, and I like each for different reasons!  Liquid liner is the easiest to use if it comes with a felt tip applicator.  My favorite felt tip eyeliners are Lancome Artliner and Mary Kay's Liquid Liner.  The artliner is very pricey, which is a downfall.  At $30 it's hard to justify spending that much, but it does last forever.  (They say you're supposed to toss liner every 6 months, but if you screw the cap on tight, and don't share your makeup with others you can hold onto it longer).  Mary Kay's liner is $11 and very similar.  I don't think it lasts as long but that's what you get for a cheaper price.  Lastly, I love Milani Infinite Liquid Liner.  It's only $5 at the drugstore, and comes in a tube with a brush applicator.  That is the downfall- it is more difficult to apply and takes more practice.  However, the payoff is that it is completely waterproof, smearproof, rubproof, everything.  You can have the world's worst eye allergies and this stuff is going to stick with you all day.

4) Hair products can be so expensive!  Is it ok to buy a cheap brand?

A:  Yes and no.  Regardless of what you use, you need to take really good care of your hair and check out the ingredients.  I've heard before you should treat your hair like a silk scarf.  Always read reviews of what you use if you haven't heard of it before.  Jessica wanted a great straightening product a year or so ago and used Garnier's Sleek and Shine Blowdry Perfector that she found at the drugstore.  Had she read reviews in advance, she would have found out how horrible it was for her hair...but she will never make a mistake like that again because it completely ruined her hair.  If you haven't heard of a low end product, look up reviews and see if other people like it.  I'm a big fan of L'Oreal Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner, which is from the drugstore.  It works well on my hair, but I have to use it in conjunction with a high end hair mask because it tends to dry my hair out.  I tend to use mostly high end hair products, but I rotate and use different products all the time for my hair's different needs.  Whether you choose high or low end, always use heat protectants on your hair before coming near it with a blowdryer, straightener, or curling iron.  And remember, there are lots of discount stores like TJ Maxx that sell high end products at a low price.

5)  There are many monthly subscription services out there- BeautyArmy, TestTube, MyGlam, Birchbox, and more.  What is the best one?

A:  It really depends on what you are looking to get.  There is currently no monthly membership that gives out only makeup products, which tends to be what most girls are after.  But for $10-12 are you REALLY expecting a few full sized high end products in your bag?  Let's be real.

Beauty Army is $12 a month and you get to choose your samples, which is what sets them apart from the rest.  After taking your beauty profile, you are given 9 options and can choose 6.  Some of the samples are very wimpy and some are bigger.  The only cosmetics option they have offered so far is a Blingtone eyeshadow by MyFace Cosmetics- the rest of the products are skincare, body wash, lotions,   etc.  Most of the companies they work with can be contacted directly for small samples to try before you buy.  They also do a $5 flat rate for shipping, which doesn't seem fair- if I spend $100 in your store, I better get it shipped for free!

TestTube is about $45 with shipping.  I cancelled mine after a few months because it seemed geared towards older women- I got a lot of skin firming, line reducing, menopausal type products that I wasn't all that gung ho about.  The value is certainly higher than what you pay, but it just wasn't for me.  In the future, I'll be checking them out on QVC and purchasing them from there if I'm interested.  If you go through New Beauty's site you don't get to see what you're buying before it's shipped.  QVC actually shows you the products.

MyGlam is the membership I've been most impressed with so far.  It's $10 and you get several products that have been tried and reviewed by many beauty gurus from YouTube.  I tend to trust that what I'm getting from them is of higher quality than most of my bags.  This month's bag features a $100 gift card to a web site that sells blowdryers, straighteners, and more.  Some thought of this as a crappy deal, but I think the point of these subscriptions is to introduce you to things you wouldn't have been able to afford to try otherwise.  I can't afford a $120 straightener, but I can certainly buy it for $20.  This is the newest membership out there so I'll be curious to see what they offer in the future.

Birchbox is the membership that I believe has been around the longest.  For $10 it delivers the widest range in products.  It offers everything from ponytail holders to foundation to chocolate bars.  It is a makeup subscription that also offers many lifestyle products.  I've probably been the most pleased with this company at times, and the most disappointed other times.  It is very hit or miss.  The big perk is you can review your products, and receive points that you can save up to redeem and get free products.

6)  I break out a lot.  What is the best skincare regimen for me?

A:  The biggest thing is to not switch up your skincare routine too much, or your sensitive skin will react badly!  Use a mild, simple cleanser.  Dove soap works very well too- I had a dermatologist recommend this to me in high school.  Spot treat your acne with a salicylic acid product- there are many that work well.  Clinique and Clean and Clear are two product lines that have great spot treatments.  Use a toner- but don't over do it or your skin will be stripped of oil and go into overdrive to produce more, making your problem worse.  One cotton ball soaked in toner swiped over your whole face will do the trick.  Exfoliate once or twice a week with a mild exfoliator.  Use an oil free moisturizer.  Make sure your foundation is oil free as well.  I really like Clinique's anti-acne foundation a lot, it seems to keep my breakouts away.  And don't wash your face too much!  If you wear makeup, only wash your face at night to get all your makeup off.  Overdoing it with washing, exfoliating, etc, will make your acne worse.  Good luck!

7)  As I get older, my eyelids are more crepey- how do I get my eyeshadow to look great when my eyelids have wrinkles in them?

A:  Use a firming eye cream.  Lancome Genefique Eye Cream works very well for my mom, who is in her early 50's.  Also, steer clear of over shimmery eye shades.  Sadly, the eyeshadows that worked in your 20's probably have too much sparkle that gets caught in the fine lines, accentuating them.  Take your favorite eye shade, and find a matte version (no shimmer or sparkle).  Pair it with a good eye primer, and you should be good to go!

8)  There are lots of eye primers out there.  Which is the best one?

A:  I rotate between many.  If you are looking for a thinner primer I would recommend Palladio's Herbal Eye Primer ($5 at Sally's Beauty Supply).  It is very similar to Urban Decay's Primer Potion (I love this one too!) in consistency, but at a lower price tag.  If you're looking for a thicker primer to put under shadows with a lot of fallout I would recommend Estee Lauder's Double Wear Eye Primer ($20).  Other primers I love are Lancome Aquatique ($25) , and the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows ($19) which come in colors but make great bases.

9)  Can you recommend a great lip balm?

A:  I love Maybelline Baby Lips, and Rosebud Salve.  My two favorite winter lip savers!

10)  How can I get the dry, peeling skin off my lips?  The winter weather makes my lips nasty.

A:  The easiest way I have found is to use a lip exfoliator- the best of the best in my opinion is C.O. Bigelow Lip Buffer from Bath and Body Works.  It's about $7 but literally amazing- super minty, and leaves your lips feeling phenomenal.  Otherwise, a dry toothbrush and some Vaseline to wonders too.


Thanks for all the questions!  Keep 'em coming!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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