InTruBeauty: Day 3/15 Best Chocolate Brown Eye Shades

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 3/15 Best Chocolate Brown Eye Shades

Do you ever crave a deep, rich, sumptuous, brown shade for your eyes?  We do!  That's why we created this chocolate brown category.  Here are some of the greatest, yummiest, brown shades in our collection.

1. Rimmel Spicy Bronze 2. MAC Glamour Check 3. bareMinerals coffee bean 4. Wet n' Wild 249 Vanity lower right hand color in a 6 pack palette 5. Maybelline Eye Studio Caffeine Rush

1. Urban Decay Twice Baked 2. Wet n' wild Matte Palette Brown Crease shade 3. Urban Decay Lost 
4. E.l.f. Raspberry 5. theBalm Meet Matte :Matt Ramirez

L-R order:
Clinique Color Surge- Chocolate Chip
Lancome Color Design- Lezard
Urban Decay- Darkhorse
Urban Decay- Hustle
Color Surge- dark shade from Like Mink duo

Up close and personal- (and reverse order)
Like Mink dark shade, Hustle, Darkhorse, Lezard, Chocolate Chip

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica


  1. Great swatches! Chocolate browns are so perfect for a really gorgeous smokey eye.

  2. We have 20 browns between the 2 of us, lol. Shoot me if you ever see me eyeing brown eyeshadow. I think I'm set for awhile :)


  3. LOL as I also have a "big" collection of brown shadows, with green eyes and being blonde I like to use brown to make my eyes pop. Great way to display and thanks for the detail in name and brand,.

  4. Love these ones!!! Brown is one of my favorite shades to wear, it goes well with my dark brown eyes and hair and olive skin. I'm definitely more comfortable wearing these than bright shades (I always worry I secretly look like a clown!)

  5. I think I have even more browns than I swatched. I was just embarassed to show you all my full collection LOL. -Justina



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