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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cute Casual Night Out

Justina did my hair tonight for a cute casual night out look for our friend's birthday. She is a master at doing hair and she did a fantastic job! Here are step by step instructions on how to get this look. It probably took around 10 minutes. I have naturally curly hair so the instructions will apply for that. But if you have straight hair, you basically need to leave the sections straight that Justina straightened for me and curl the curly parts that were already curly for me.


Step One: Section off your hair and straighten the front sections only. 

Step Two: Taking the back curly section of your hair, use bobby pins to twist sections and loosely bobby pin the strands up. Leave the front straightened sections down for now. After you have pinned these sections in, choose some strands and gently tug on them a bit to make this look a little looser and more casual.

Step Three: Take a section from each of the straightened hair sections and braid these, 
leaving the ends unbraided or looser.

Step Four: Pin these braided sections underneath the pinned up curls

If you have bangs or side bangs, those can be straightened as well and pinned to the side or left a little loose.

Then simply spray some hair spray in and you've got a cute casual updo for the night. Add in a cute necklace to finish off the look! Here is the cute peacock one I wore tonight!

 The best part is that this is easy and takes around ten minutes, or under. Thanks Justina for this great look!

Here was her do for the night! How gorgeous is this? 

Yours in Beauty, and cute casual dos, 
Justina & Jessica

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  1. Very cute! Love both of your hair styles for the night



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