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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Classic Valentine's Day Look

Last week, I did a great look for Valentine's Day that was mostly natural with a pop of pink.  This week, I opted for something a little different- a classic look complete with champagne pink pearls, a black lace cami, and neutral matte eyeshadow.  I'll walk you through how I got this look!

The finished look!

What I used:
Estee Lauder Day Wear BB Creme
Clinique Translucent Powder
Lancome Blush- Aplum
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
RMS Luminizer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Clinique Color Surge Pallette (lighter purple shade from Lilac Truffle Duo- on far right in the pan)
Urban Decay Mariposa Pallette- Mushroom
Lancome eyeliner in Black Ebony
Clinique matte eyeshadow in Midnight
Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt in Kohl Black
Wet 'n Wild Lipstick in 907C
Revlon Lipgloss in Pink Pop

That's just what I used, but it's not rocket science to create this look, so you could probably get by with whatever combination you have in your very own makeup arsenal!  All you really need is some matte purple and black eyeshadow to get this look down pat.  

First- I used my BB Creme- love this stuff.  Just got it today.  It has very minimal coverage, but lots of good for your skin ingredients.  You'll most likely need a powder over top of this stuff, but probably don't need a moisturizer because it has its own built in.  It comes in two shades- light and medium.  I chose light, but in the summer I'm sure I'll grab up a medium.  You get 1 oz for $38 but a little goes a looooooong way.  P.S. Clinique is coming out with their version next week for $1 less, not sure how many oz is in that one, but I plan on picking up one of those as well.  My skin is so soft!

Next, I layered my translucent powder over top of of the BB creme- it doesn't have a lot of pigment, but it works to set the creme.  It has a little shimmer in it but not enough to make you look like a disco ball. Add a little soft pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and top off with some chocolatey matte bronzer and you're ready for the next step- eyes!

For eyes, I applied some Urban Decay Primer Potion to my could use pretty much any primer you have as long as it's clear- my Estee Lauder one or Palladio one would have been good candidates as well.  Anything with shimmer will ruin the look you're going for though.  Once you pat it dry, apply a matte purple to the entire lid.  The shade I used was from a palette I got from Clinique, but many other brands sell a matte purple.  Matte means no shimmer, in case you didn't know.  If you like matte shadows, I recommend the "Meet Matte" palette by theBalm- Jessica has it and loves it.  Apply some matte gray to the crease and you're ready for the next step.  I cheated a little here- I think my gray had a tiny bit of sparkle in it, but not enough to make a difference.

This step is what helps bring the drama.  I applied a deep black eyeliner around the entire eye.  After, I took an eyeliner brush and shaded my eyeliner line in with a matte black eyeshadow.  This really helped create a smoky look, but rather than smoking out my whole eye, I stuck with just the rims for a more natural look.  I did wing it out a little bit.  Any time you apply eyeshadow over top of regular eyeliner, it helps it to last longer too.  Did you know that?  Cool, huh?

I took a vibrant matte pink from my collection, which happened to be a $1 shade from my Wet 'n Wild Collection- I love this shade.  I felt my look needed a tiny bit of gloss so I added Pink Pop over the top for a glassy finish.  The thing I love about this shade is it applies ot the lips in the exact same shade as it shows in the bottle.  Don't you hate when you get a really vibrant lip gloss and it shows up sheer on the lips?  Super lame!  But not with Revlon- they don't false advertise with their lipglosses in the slightest.  Totally love the Pink Pop shade.  They also have a shade that's a Turkish Delight dupe called Peach Petal which is nice too.  

My pearls are actually a champagne pink color but totally not showing up that way on camera.  Maybe I would have to wear some pink next to them to really showcase them.  

Show me your Valentine's Day Look!!!!
Yours in Beauty, Justina

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