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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BABOR Organics

BABOR Organic Review

Babor is a German company that has been in the skincare game for 50 years. This organic line uses the best of materials including Glacier water from Mont Cervin, Switzerlan, Edelweiss to calm the skin and provide protection against free radicals, Meadowfoam seed oil to repair the lipid film and add long lasting moisture, and oxygen energy with white lentil extract to invigorate cell renewal.

These products DO NOT contain: synthetic colorants, synthetic perfume substances, animal raw materials, petro based ingredients, paraffins, PEGs, parabens, irradiated ingredients, genetically modified raw materials.

They really pay attention to detail and put all the best finishing touches on their products. I love their packaging and how the frosted white type design fits perfectly with their product concept

Face scrub, biological enzyme cleanser, pure mattifying cream
I will be reviewing the enzyme cleanser in the future.

Crystal Face Scrub. I love this product! My face feels so soft after and this works great if you have some pesky dry patches of skin.

Very small particles in this, great gel like consistency, light smell.
Apply this lightly to your face and rub lightly in circles for about 30 seconds. Then add a bit of water and rub in circles as well. I would start out using this once a month to every two weeks and then use it weekly. This does have a peeling effect, so I would start out slower. I do love this and recommend it.

Follow up:
Justina's mom is 51 and tried this scrub.  We were very interested to see how this would work on a different skin type.  Her skin type is normal and her main skin care concerns are anti aging.  

Her thoughts:  I have been periodically using this product.  It has a mild, pleasant smell.  I feel like the granules dissolve too quickly to be effective as an actual scrub but if you have sensitive skin it may be the right product for you.  

Babor mattifying cream

Babor mattifying cream
This has a light weight consistency and a typical face product smell to it. This is targeted to oily or combination skin, my skin is normal to dry and so I don't think I could get a full review on the effects this product has on reducing shine. Justina can update you on her thoughts on this as well. 

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