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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Bronze Look

Seattle's Airport had the Body Shop, and I got some great bronzing products at 3 for $10.  I couldn't wait to share them with you, so I decided to finally do a bronze look inspired by a look I had been coveting from a magazine long ago.  This look is very naturally beautiful.  The model is wearing minimal, if any makeup.  The skin is a clean finish, and bronzing and blush is done only on the apples of the cheeks.  The Naked Palette will lend itself well for the neutral and natural eye with a touch of smokiness.  A pink tinted balm will do well on the lips for this look.  

Here's THE Look:

Here's MY Look:

I wasn't totally trying to copy the model's look, I just wanted to steal her idea of bronzing and coloring only the APPLES of the cheek.  And keeping all the makeup pretty natural!  If I wanted to totally replicate the look, I probably would've spray tanned first.  But that's kind of tough on vacation, huh? Unless you're in Mexico, and I'm totally in Washington state.  (Wow, it's annoying always clarifying that...if you say just plain Washington, people automatically assume you're in Washington, DC.)

The model in the picture doesn't appear to be wearing any eyeliner, but I really felt that I needed it today.  My skin was breaking out like mad, so if I couldn't have a flawless SKIN day, I needed a great EYE day.  This is my first crack at "tight lining" my eye.  It's basically doing your upper water line.  I didn't notice a huge difference but I do think it is noticeable.  I also did my lower water line.
 I have been reading a lot of reviews and tutorials that Michelle Phan does, and she recommends in almost EVERY look she does that she uses Naphcon A eyedrops.  They used to be available by prescription only but they're available over the counter now!  I got two bottles for $8 at Walgreens and I've been using them every day.  I do notice a difference in how white my eyes are!

Emily's blog was totally my saving grace today.  I usually try to catch up on my favorite beauty bloggers every day and see if anyone posted anything on Facebook or on any other site.  She had mentioned if you have concealer that settles in your fine lines to use a Q-tip to get smudge it out.  I kind of passed it off, then looking at these pictures I was like AHH!!!  I totally have a fine line under my eye that has a bunch of concealer built up in it!  Check out the picture where my eye is looking up, under my eye!  Eeeek!  At least I knew how to fix it right away!

The Look:
Lancome foundation- Buff 4
Benefit Erase Paste- medium
Translucent powder by theBalm
The Body Shop Cheek Color in 04
The Body Shop Bronzer
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
Naked Palette- Virgin, Smog
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
Urban Decay Zero Eyeliner
Clinique Pink Chocolate Lipstick (blotted)
Palladio Chapstick in Bronzy Pink

If you look at my skin and notice that it totally looks like my face has goose bumps, its because up close some of my skin totally looked like crap today!  UGH!  How do YOU, reader, battle disgusting skin days?  My skin looked positively icky all day today.  

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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