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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vacation check list!

Hey everybody!

So I have been mucho inspired by Jessica's awesome haul!  Can't wait to make my way out to K-Mart myself and get some of those awesome products.  The ones I'm most excited about are the swirly baked Colorstay blushes by Revlon.  And for $1 each?  Yes, please!!

I have a couple blogs I can't wait to upload, but my camera is being silly and won't upload my pics to Picasa, which is how I get them on here.  So, alas, you will all have to wait a little longer....tear!

So I found out more about my awesome Pacific Northwest vacation!!!  I will be gone Monday or Tuesday through Friday of next week.  I am waiting for my Birchbox, BeautyArmy, and MyGlam bags to get in the mail already so I can bring them with me.  What better time to use awesome new samples than when you actually NEED a smaller size?  I can't wait to start packing.  But anyways, in the meantime I have a maximum of four days to pack for my trip.  What do I need to do?

4 days from vacay checklist:
1.  Laundry!  Make sure you know what you want to wear and set it aside so as not to dirty it and not be able to pack it!

2.  Underwear and bras!  I know some people who buy brand new underwear for vacation in case they get luggage checked in the middle of the airport.  Who wants their old, holey, granny panties on display if they get searched?

3.  Double checking airport standards- how much can each bag way?  What's allowed into my carry on and purse?

4.  Stopping my mail or asking a friend to come and pick it up...especially if you are expecting any paychecks or anything.

5.  Charge up your Nook (or Kindle) and if you don't have one, packing a stash of magazines!  I know my husband just uploaded a bunch of stuff on my Nook and I will probably be fighting him for it the whole flight.

6.  Finding out the least amount of shoes you can bring on your trip.  I really want to work out when I'm there, so I'm going to bring my tennis shoes.  There's another pair I like by Naturalizer (yes, the old lady brand) that are uber comfortable and I wear them to work.  Those suckers are getting packed fo sho.  Also, I want to bring my new, amazing lace up wedge boots that I got, but since they take up so much space in a suitcase, I'm going to need to wear them on the plane.  Shoe count= 3.  We're doing good.

7.  How many jeans to bring.  This one is tricky.  I want to bring my best jeans with me on the trip, and being gone for 5 days will be tough with just one pair.  I'm going to bring my skinnies (to be tucked into my lace up wedges) and one more pair of jeans.

8.  Will there be down time?  What should I bring for dress up?

Ok...I will continue this soon and tonight I am going to take pictures of what I plan to pack in my Mary Kay roll up makeup bag!  Can't wait to share!

Yours in vacation and beauty, Justina

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