InTruBeauty: The Perfect Red Lipstick Color...and its .99 Cents!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Perfect Red Lipstick Color...and its .99 Cents!

Looking for a great wearable red color? Well, look no further than NYC's Sheer Red. This lip stick is .99 cents which is amazing. This has great color payoff, goes on creamy, is non drying and is long lasting. I have a bunch of NYC's lipsticks, including my fave bright pink called Blue Rose. Just like Wet N Wild .99 cent lipsticks, these are a great quality. This is a great way to experiment and test out what you like and what you don't before you spend money on a more expensive lipstick if you so chose.

If you are newer to makeup or red lips, this is a great place to start. One swipe of this is an easily wearable red color, but it is buildable as well so you can have a more dramatic red as you get more comfortable. And you can't really go wrong because it is under $1!!

Top swatch is 2 layers, bottom is 3-4

What do you think of this red? Would you wear this?

Yours in Beauty (and wearable reds), 



  1. I love that color and I'm pretty sure I have it! I swatched like 1/2 of my pink lipsticks the other night for the blog, maybe I'll have to do the red ones. Seriously, if you swatch (on your lips) all of one shade of lipstick, it convinces you that your collection is pretty darn good and you don't need to go shopping after all! And it reminds you of what you have!

  2. That looks really pretty! I normally don't wear lipstick or if I do, I go for a more natural look, but this looks awesome and for less than a dollar you can't go wrong! I might need to check out my drugstore for their selection. Thanks for highlighting such an inexpensive product! I love that about your blog :-)



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