InTruBeauty: Ten ways to make your old products new again!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten ways to make your old products new again!

1. Mix liquid or cream primer with lotion for more subtle glow and color (like using Benefit's High Beam which has a pink tone).

2. Mix primer with foundation.

3. Mix primer with pore minimizer like benefit's porefessional.

4. Mix two or three different colored primers or liquid face colors together (cliniques uplighting mixed together are fab). You can do this with cream eyeshadows too!

5. Layer blushes. I like to first apply a cappucino color then top with a soft pink. Or mix mouse, powder or cream blushes together before application

6. Mix a gold eyeshadow on your hand with a little vaseline. Apply (dab and blend in) above your cheekbones and dab onto outer V of eye. If you mix with a small amount of vaseline and blend in well, this will sink into your skin and not look greasy. 
         Regular Swatch                                                Mixed with Vaseline

7. Mix a blush, pink eyeshadw, powdered blush or all over face color with vaseline for a new blush or shadow, or mix colors together to create a new color! Be careful if you have sensitive skin to put a product like an eye product on your cheek area and vice versa.

8. Apply a bold pink lip then soften it with a neutral gloss.
Bright pink NYX lipstick

Apply these neutral glosses 

And ta-da, you have a completely different color! 

9. Mix two loose pigment eye shadows together like L'oreal Infallible (below) or Mac loose pigments.

10. Pick your craziest eye shadow color then top it with a shimmery neutral color. Pat on top and/or blend in with your finger. I use to do this with a puke green I "inherited" and it ended up being the prettiest green shade when mixed.

Best of all....its free!

And since you guys have been so great, I will throw in a bonus tip! If you have a mascara where you like the formula, but hate the brush, try picking up some of these disposable brush "samples" (at a counter you are a good customer of, they will let you play with the brushes since they are the company design). Or you can buy disposable one at beauty supply stores. Don't just chuck that mascara, just use a better brush!

Yours in Beauty,


  1. Great post! Love ir. What puke green did you inherit?

  2. Ha ha not from you, it was in high school from a cousin.

  3. I agree, great post! I like the idea of playing with what you already own and making it new/different. Very thrifty! These are some great ideas for anyone who doesn't have room in their budget for new makeup :-)



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