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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Statement Piece Necklaces for the Workplace

Ever wanted to wear a really bold necklace to work, but weren't sure you could pull it off? Keep reading for some example statement pieces in different categories that are surely workplace appropriate. 

I just wanted to do a fun post showing some of my fun statement piece necklaces. I often like to have at least one look, makeup item, jewelry item on per day that makes a statement. I often then pair that piece with solid colors or a more classic simple looking outfit. Another tip is if you have a statement piece from the neck up,  you can get away with a 2nd statement piece whether it be bright colored socks or some rockin' some animal print heels. 

I'm going to go through some of the essential categories including: big balls :), colored balls, clearance finds, perfect long, the ultimate statement necklace, earthy naturals, black/silver, cause necklaces, heavy metal, make your own, the beaded, the sparkly, the tie necklace, and the funky pearls.

A statement piece necklace can be a great way to jazz up a professional look. I am often in black and in suit coats with matching black pants for work, or a solid colored blazer or cardigan. Not very exciting. So, in order to infuse a little style into my daily routine, I like to wear a bold necklace. Trust me, the security guys at the courthouse love me because I always set off the metal detector alarms. :) They will comment on what necklace I am wearing that day or what type of heels set off the detector.

Fossil, clearance at TJ Maxx $7 ( I wear this the most)

Adding a color that compliments you or brings out your eyes is another great idea. Especially with shorter necklaces, having this complimentary color by your face can really make you stand out that day.

I often find that a statement necklace is a great cheap way to put some style and color into your otherwise normal daily professional wardrobe. I am not a huge "i need to have the newest most expensive brand of jewelry the second it comes out" kind of girl. So, I often wait for sales to find great deals. I'm also a huge costume jewelry fan as I have been known to break quite a few necklaces or lose them. 

This a perfect long necklace that can be worn with so many outfits. 
Lucky necklace, $4.50, Clearance Macy's

My "ultimate" statement necklace! This is my favorite one to set off the metal detectors with. It always gives the guys a good laugh when they see how much metal I have hanging around my neck. Plus you can also twist and bend this to lay the way you want, making it versatile.

Its a good idea to include some earthy naturals in your collection because these can completely change the tone of an outfit. When paired with orange, browns, tans, reds, greens, these can give an otherwise bland outfit some style.

Another earthy necklace.
I found this at a local store called Painted Porch which customizes antiques. It is one of my faves in town and you can find some unique jewelry there as well. Check out their facebook here!

It is always a good idea to have a statement piece necklace that will match every outfit (or almost every). Black and silver is going to work with pretty much anything (maybe besides golds). This is a necklace I get a lot of use out of , but it doesn't have to be bland just because its black and/or silver. 

Experiment with colors that look good on you and different length necklaces. I am 5'6 so I like to wear longer necklaces that are going to give me that longer look effect. Justina is 5'11 and so she prefers to wear shorter necklaces. A good way to figure out what length of necklace you should be wearing is if you measure the length of your head with your hands, the necklace should lay the same length on you. I also look best wearing V necks or Scoop neck shirts, so I can use a necklace to create this effect and thus get more use out of every item of clothing while still having my outfit be the most flattering.

Support a cause necklaces! These are from Bead For Life and are hand rolled paper beads hand made by women in Uganda. Proceeds from their sales helps them support their families, pursue educating and vocational training, and find stable housing. This is an amazing organization and they're jewelry is literally one of a kind.

The heavy metal! You need to have one really bold metal piece in your collection! 

Make your own! Necklaces are pretty easy to make and it allows you to be creative and hand pick exactly what you want. This is a great hobby as well. You can find great sales on beads at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart. Those are the places I have found my best beads.

Make sure to have a fun beaded necklace in your arsenal. I got this one at Lane Bryant. It is so fun and I wore it a ton in the summer with a sun dress. I wear a lot of golds and teals, so I could also rock this with a black suit. Look places you may not always think to look for jewelry. I love Maurice's jewelry and they tend to have good clearance finds, although theirs break the easiest. Look in antique stores, furniture/decor stores, hobby stores. You may be surprised to find jewelry sections in some.


The sparkly necklaces! This is one of my favorite categories. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to brighten up your look. If I'm having a really down day or I look like crap, I try to throw on a sparkly necklace. Also, if I have an important presentation, meeting, or appearance that day, I like to wear something sparkly. You will tend to keep people's eye for longer and when I do this I actually notice a difference in how long they focus on me. (this works great when presenting to men). This is one of my #1 presentation tips.

You want them looking at you, but not thinking "what the hell was she thinking?". So make sure to tone down the rest of your outfit. When I wear a statement necklace, I think it is okay to either pair it with a watch or a ring, but not with earrings. If I wore a necklace, I may sometimes pair it with small diamond studs or pearls. Other than that, I like to keep the focus on one item.

The tie necklace. These are sooo versatile. You can make this longer, shorter, and tie the bowtie wherever you want. You can tie it right down in the front, to the side, or in the back. So in one necklace, you have at least 5 different ways to wear this. From

Pearls are always a classic and I love my natural pearls. However, sometimes, you just want to put an edge on that classic look. I love this pearl necklace for that. This is classic and yet has a little bit more funk to it than a normal pearl necklace. There is an attachment that clips on to the flower as well to spice it up a little more. I will take a picture of that as soon as I can. Finding versatile pieces like this means you will end up wearing them more often since they will work with more looks and more outfits, hence, you will be getting your money's worth! My favorite thing! :)

Let me know if you guys like this type of post by commenting. I was thinking of doing another one with earrings, scarves, and possibly shoes.

Yours in Beauty (and necklaces),



  1. My friend's sister has some beautiful handmade jewelry on Etsy (Paige is the neck model!). Check it out if you're looking for a new necklace. Bead Rage on Etsy

  2. Thanks for sharing! Just checked out the etsy favorite is Ruby's Blues!! Paige makes a great neck model!




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