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Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hello ladies!

While I was perusing the stores the other day, I couldn't help but notice that many of them had received a much needed face lift.

Walmart, in particular, really cleaned up.  They had replaced all of their dingy nail polish swatched shelves with cleaner and newer shelving for the nailpolish (with only a few swatches- seriously?  Why do people do that?)  They got in a whole new section where they added a new makeup line- E.l.f., which I've only ever seen at Target. They also added a whole bunch more to their Bonne Bellcol lection including some eye shadow pallettes.  I remember using that brand as a kiddo, I'm so happy that they have graduated to some more sophisticated makeup for the pre-teens.  Also, I read on Facebook that Hard Candy will now be patrolling the Walmart stores across the nation to ensure that they are well stocked and clean.  How cool is that!  No more searching for that one product that's always run out.

Walmart's new E.l.f. section

Target in our town also received some TLC.  I was really excited to see a hugely expanded food section in the back of the store.  They are also getting produce!  A lot of stuff was shifted around too, including the shoe section- which also appears bigger!  Could they be getting reading for *gasp* the makings of a Super Target?  Crossing fingers!  I am loving these facelifts!

Also this week my salon started doing text message alerts for your appointment.  How groovy is more guess work when you can't find your planner!  I'm so excited for hassle free appointment times!  Why doesn't every salon do that?

Now that the stores are doing it, I'm trying to integrate a little "spring cleaning" into my own life.  I've taken several bags of clothes, a comforter, and some older items I no longer use to Goodwill.  I'm also thinking about finally getting to the bead shop to fix up my little baggie full of broken jewelry.  Cleaning my fridge of expired items, throwing away items in my linen closet that haven't been used in ages, and more are creeping onto my to do list too!

My next project- yikes!  Extra points for you if you can spot my January MyGlam bag in this miss...yeah, didn't think so! ;-)

Perhaps the most fun thing I've done to spruce up my life a little bit is get a new 'do.  I'm now about 2 1/2 inches shorter and loving it!  Getting rid of dead ends is a must if you want to have long and healthy hair.  I went with my natural color with some low lights.  This really creates a multi dimensional look to the hair, and helps it look more like natural hair than dyed hair.

The new 'do!  The lowlights are really subtle

I'm not the only one though! Some stars are also cropping their hair.  Just a few examples recently are:
 Miley Cyrus- 5 inches!

Olivia Wilde

Zooey Deschanel

What are you doing to spruce up your life this time of year?  Purging items from your house or a little  TLC for yourself?  Do share!

Yours in Beauty, Justina


  1. Cute post! Eeeks at your room! Love the new do!

  2. Wow, an entire ELF section! So jealous of your Walmart! I definitely think the shorter hair looks great! :)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm still "growing out" my hair but don't really have an ideal length yet. As long as it's healthy I don't really care! Never a good thing when your stylist sees your ends and goes AHHHH!!!!



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